Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh stella

I love Stella McCartney's designs and I would buy more of her stuff if
1. they were not so astronomically expensive, and
2. her designs were more short-person-friendly.

To be fair, no high end designer actually caters to those of us who are 5'4" and under, but at least a lot of things can be altered to fit. This is not always the case with the majority of Stella's designs. The waist and knee breaks are always in odd places unless you're tall, so altering to fit would mean taking the whole thing apart. (She might have to address this if she plans on expanding to the fast-growing luxury Asian market.)

If I'm lucky enough to find one of her pieces on sale, most of the time I can only pull it off if I wear heels, as is the case here.

Stella McCartney shirtdress (Fisch for the Hip consignment/NYC) // Missoni espadrilles (Anbar Shoes/NYC, now closed)

This dress is trademark Stella - loose-fitting and blousy, all-natural fabric, very comfortable to wear - something a male designer would never design for a woman, lol. (Wait, I take that back - I forgot about Albert Elbaz for Lanvin!)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

odds and ends

string vest from eBay // JBrand "Houlihan" skinny cargo pants //
Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled sandals

"Radical Fashion" by Clair Wilcox. The book itself is so-so,
but add Rick Owens and I hope my closet will one day read like this list!

I may not like hot weather, but I do love cute bikinis. These are my newest ones.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones by Rocketfish. Best new tech purchase - freedom from wires is amazing!!! You don't have to worry about the length of strap on your handbag or always having a pocket to stick your iPod in. Great for running, too. I keep a playlist on my phone (my iPod is so old, it is not Bluetooth-enabled) and also have it paired with my iPad since I always have it with me on the weekdays. There are controls right on the earpiece so you never have to take out your music player to rewind/fast-forward or change the volume. Of course you can also take calls without taking out your phone, but personally I hate talking on Bluetooth because it looks like I'm talking to myself! Lol. Wireless range is ~30 feet (10 meters.)

Whoever the fit model for pants is over at Balenciaga clearly has me in mind ;-)
Best fitting pants ever. Too much is never enough!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer!