Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the look for (a lot!) less

i was lamenting the fact that i had no good reason for dropping $625.00
on a flimsy lace mini dress...

Lover lace mini dress and Acne leather jacket from

...and then i realized i already had something similar, a dress i picked
up at a thrift shop
a couple of months ago. yeah!!!

thrifted lace mini dress; Ann Demeulemeester cropped biker jacket

Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 items or less


some items are just "loud" enough that you don't need much else in the outfit.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
Ter et Bantine white maxi tank dress (old, from Century21/NYC)
Sass & Bide studded leather harness (super old, from eBay)
Giuseppe Zanotti brown heels (from eBay)

Outfit Details

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

reader request: rollerball preview

i did plan on styling several different outfits with the Christian Louboutin
"rollerball" spikey loafers but got lazy when i realized i would have to take
a lot of my fall/winter things out of their plastic bins, where they currently
reside. so i apologize for this half-assed attempt, which was the best i
could do with stuff i could easily reach for. no worries, you'll be seeing
these shoes with better outfits in the fall! 'til then, here's the preview:


Rick Owens tank; thrifted plaid shirt; thrifted army shirt; Les Chiffoniers
classic leather pants with zippers; Hermes collier de chien cuff;
sword pendant; cross pendant from Portobello Market; Christian Louboutin
"rollerball" studded loafers

the pants are the latest addition to my Les Chiffoniers collection. i never
thought i would find these on sale, it seemed like all the other styles would
go on sale except these. but there they were on, 60% off.
woohoo! Les Chiffoniers makes the best, most comfortable leather pants.
these aren't Ross's leather pants, y'all.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

work it out

low humidity -> more opportunities to wear leather this summer!

Kain tank (old, from Intermix/NYC); Kiki de Montparnasse leather bikini
top (from; Rick Owens leather skirt (old, from Barneys sale/NYC);
thrifted Donna Karan sandals; vintage Hermes collier de chien cuff; cross
pendant from Portobello Market/London

cotton and leather cropped tee (from eBay); 3.1 Phillip Lim wide-leg
trousers (old, from Barneys Co-op sale/NYC); Balenciaga belt (from eBay)
thrifted Donna Karan sandals

re: workout regimen. would you all be annoyed if i said "i don't do anything
and i'm naturally super skinny and i eat A LOT." well, don't worry, i won't!
there was a time, up until high school, when i could probably eat a whole
roasted pig and still wake up with perfectly flat abs the next morning.
sadly those days are behind me, but fortunately i do not have to be a diet
and workout fanatic to maintain my weight.

my main motivation for maintaining weight is: i have a lot of nice clothes
and i would like to be able to wear them for a very very long time.

i go running every weekend morning, not very long, about 5 miles per run.
for me running is more meditation than working out, which is why i try to
run early in the morning. i do Pilates 2-3 days a week, 4 if i'm feeling
ambitious or if i'm heading to the beach that weekend. lol. my weak spots
are my arms and my butt (i want a bigger one!) so i try to target those
areas with Pilates. running is not very good for your posterior - in
some cases it tends to flatten it out, so i try to include stairs in my
running route. for some reason it's difficult for me to tone my arms. they
just seem to get bigger (though firmer) without getting toned. i'll just
have to keep at it, i guess.

that's it, folks. i wish i had some amazing weight-loss secret to reveal!
like most people, some days i wish i was skinnier (♪ i wish i was a little bit
taller, wish i was a baller ♪) and more toned, but i try not to be too hard on
myself. i just make an effort, that's all.

Friday, August 13, 2010

lost weekend

killing time before my Amtrak train...

just back from the beach, in my (well, i guess it's no longer mine!) old
bedroom at my parents' place in ny.

1: Margiela Line 4 button-down shirt; Current/Elliot jeans; Jeffrey
Campbell boots. 2: Shoshanna bikini; Shay Todd romper cover-up.

just some random photos for a quick post before the weekend.
have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

seven things

thank you to the lovely Emmy of Selective Memory for passing on a blog award
to me! now it's my turn - here are seven random things about me...


i hope i lived up to the award ;-)

instead of picking two other bloggers, i'll just invite everyone to create
a post like this. just remember to send me a link via comment so i can
check it out!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

summer skin



ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
re-worked vintage scallop-hem shorts (from seller neneee)
Yves Saint Laurent ruffled shirt (old, from eBay)
vintage Hermes collier de chien belt
Cecile & Jeanne hammered gold cuff (old, from Cecile & Jeanne, Madison Ave./NYC)
Christian Louboutin mary-jane espadrilles (old, from Barneys clearance)
Mulberry Alexa handbag
Chanel "Gold Lamé" nailpolish

Outfit Details

Thursday, August 05, 2010

second best

took advantage of the overcast, not-too-hot weather last sunday to wear leather.
and black, lots of it.


i gave up on the search for the Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots at a decent
price on eBay and instead settled for the Jeffrey Campbell knockoffs. i really
want them in the original camel color anyway, so that search is ongoing. i
took these to the cobbler to chop off about 2 inches since they came up too
high on my leg. aside from the cheap faux-wood heel, these aren't such a bad
substitute. plus i saved about $800.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
Kiki de Montparnasse leather bikini top (from
Alexander McQueen padded shoulder tee with tails (from
Rick Owens leather drawstring skirt (from Barneys sale)
Jeffrey Campbell Ann laceup boots (from eBay)
Hermes collier de chien cuff
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring and hammered silver ring from the Met Museum gift shop
Iossellani small skull ring (from Barneys Co-op)
Marc by Marc Jacobs rings with Latin sayings
Chanel quilted purse with charms

Outfit Details

i think i may have also found my new fall/winter nailpolish color -
Black Sequins by Dior - a very dark purplish blue with sparkles.


Sunday, August 01, 2010





strange how i'm showing just as much skin as i would be wearing a pair of
denim shorts, yet somehow this feels way more scandalous...

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
H&M linen-blend nude cardigan
Free People lace bandeau (old, from Urban Outfitters)
Paula Frani chiffon high-slit skirt (super old, from Daffy's/NYC)
Giuseppe Zanotti brown heels (from eBay)
Cecil & Jeanne hammered gold cuff and necklace (from Cecil & Jeanne, Madison Ave./NYC)
pearl and diamond ring (inherited)
Fendi nude convertible clutch
Chanel "Gold Lamé" nailpolish

Outfit Details