Sunday, August 15, 2010

work it out

low humidity -> more opportunities to wear leather this summer!

Kain tank (old, from Intermix/NYC); Kiki de Montparnasse leather bikini
top (from; Rick Owens leather skirt (old, from Barneys sale/NYC);
thrifted Donna Karan sandals; vintage Hermes collier de chien cuff; cross
pendant from Portobello Market/London

cotton and leather cropped tee (from eBay); 3.1 Phillip Lim wide-leg
trousers (old, from Barneys Co-op sale/NYC); Balenciaga belt (from eBay)
thrifted Donna Karan sandals

re: workout regimen. would you all be annoyed if i said "i don't do anything
and i'm naturally super skinny and i eat A LOT." well, don't worry, i won't!
there was a time, up until high school, when i could probably eat a whole
roasted pig and still wake up with perfectly flat abs the next morning.
sadly those days are behind me, but fortunately i do not have to be a diet
and workout fanatic to maintain my weight.

my main motivation for maintaining weight is: i have a lot of nice clothes
and i would like to be able to wear them for a very very long time.

i go running every weekend morning, not very long, about 5 miles per run.
for me running is more meditation than working out, which is why i try to
run early in the morning. i do Pilates 2-3 days a week, 4 if i'm feeling
ambitious or if i'm heading to the beach that weekend. lol. my weak spots
are my arms and my butt (i want a bigger one!) so i try to target those
areas with Pilates. running is not very good for your posterior - in
some cases it tends to flatten it out, so i try to include stairs in my
running route. for some reason it's difficult for me to tone my arms. they
just seem to get bigger (though firmer) without getting toned. i'll just
have to keep at it, i guess.

that's it, folks. i wish i had some amazing weight-loss secret to reveal!
like most people, some days i wish i was skinnier (♪ i wish i was a little bit
taller, wish i was a baller ♪) and more toned, but i try not to be too hard on
myself. i just make an effort, that's all.


  1. I've never been able to eat a pig and wake up with flat abs in the least not since I was 13.

    I feel the same way about running and pilates: it keeps me sane.

    P.S.--That Skee-lo song used to be a fav when I was younger. A lot of people forgot about it, but it should never be forgotten!

  2. I like your workout routine and attitude. Unfortunately the older I get the lesser I get away with eating anything I want. I'm not so much a gym person but I try to go (my school has a good one) twice a week. I also do yoga 2 to 3 times a week (and solely for putting my mind at ease as you don't loose any weight by doing yoga - at least not that i've noticed ;-)).

    And I do remember that song very well and yes, I also wish I was a little taller.

  3. I love your sandals!
    Oh and I used to do Pilates but my instructor was really no good, still looking for a better one because I really enjoyed it!

  4. well, you just motivated and inspired me to start exercising in order to maintain my current weight and wear my clothes for a very very long long long time. that's a very good argument to start working out, haha, at least for a lazy person who's always been naturally skinny as you and me. my teenage metabolism is gradually waving goodbye to me and i have to start to make an effort if i want to continue being able eat a pig and wake up with flat abs in the morning.. haha.

    and i agree with you.. i find it sooo hard to tone my arms, they're getting bigger and bigger but i'm putting on weight, not muscle mass..

    I really like your simple outfits. How do you like the Kain tanktop compared to other brands?

  5. ^^ fleurette: i love the way the Kain tank drapes, but the material is quite flimsy. i'm not a huge fan of rayon/modal/viscose, etc., but you can't quite get the same drape with 100% cotton. this gray one has a few small holes in it already actually.

  6. oh man, i love those trousers! i could never pull them off but they look great on you.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this ^^ I'm a long-distance runner too and agree it's definitely a meditative activity. Trying pilates next!!

  8. I liked this post as I was curious as to how you keep your lovely figure. It always amazes me when people say that running is like meditation for them or makes them feel really great or whatever because whenever I try doing it all I can think about is how much it sucks and I want to be done with it. Haha. I have other ways of staying in shape. Haven't tried any straight-up Pilates yet but have always wanted to...


  10. That skirt is just awesome! It seems to go with everything. Everytime I read about work out routines I feel really bad because I don't exercise at all. But it's never too late to start right?

  11. i too miss the days i was able to be a total pig and stay really thin! now i'm just a semi-pig, and semi-chubby, lol. but i like reading your workout plan, because it isn't too extreme.

    i love that you're getting to wear all this summer leather! the skirt especially- i like how relaxed it is. ~joelle

  12. lovely leathers. cue: *rimshot*.

    my main troubles are my thighs and abs (or lack thereof). somehow, last year or so, i grew a butt. wtf. with that butt came a bunch of other stuff too, like lower metabolism and jiggle. JIGGLE!!!
    so...back to yoga i go. running i found was too hard on my ankles and knees so wanted something with a little less impact but i must say that it was always incredibly satisfying to go 6 miles and come back and lay on my floor with a completely clear head, pounding chest, and a cold bottle of water.

  13. if only it were longer! you always look so chic.

  14. I really like the space that you take all the pictures. Nice wooden floor and background. Makes the clothing colors really come out.