Sunday, December 04, 2011

sale away

How is everyone? Any good sale buys? I myself did not partake in Black Friday madness, and I missed out on everything I had my eye on online. I just wasn't quick enough with "proceed to checkout!" I'm not even that disappointed, I feel like I'm in a good place with my wardrobe right now.

Rick Owens Lilies asymmetric top (Century21/NYC)
Calvin Klein Collection over-the-knee boots (
Comme des Garçons wool vest (Second Time Around consignment)
Hermès cuff

Vanessa Bruno Athé double-breasted jacket (
Balenciaga leather leggings (
Rick Owens boots (
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring (Intermix/NYC)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

old and new

I love chunky sweaters but the season to wear them is so short. They don't exactly fit under my winter coats so the window of opportunity falls between the end of autumn and the dead of winter. I am actually considering chopping the sleeves off some of them and turning them into vests so that they fit under coats. I have yet to pull the trigger though - one of the candidates is this Rick Owens sweater so you see why I'm hesitant.

Martin Margiela Line 4 shirt ( // Phillip Lim chunky cardigan (Barneys Co-op) // JBrand Houlihan skinny cargo pants (Barneys Co-op) // cashmere scarf // Givenchy wedge boots (Century 21/NYC)

Phillip Lim rosettes dress // Balenciaga leather leggings ( // Ann Demeulemeester scarf ( // Vince short-sleeve hooded sweater // Dolce & Gabanna coat (eBay) // Rick Owens boots ( // Martin Margiela gold ring set (

givenchy boots rick owens bootsmargiela jewelry

Saturday, October 22, 2011

excuses, excuses

Oh how these photos lie! Move just a few inches to the left or right of where I'm standing and you'll see a big old mess. I'm in the middle of switching out my wardrobe and there are clothes and shoes everywhere! I decided to take a break and blog a little but in all honesty there has been more of these "little breaks" than there has been actual cleaning...

Les Chiffoniers latex pants (Intermix/NYC) // Rick Owens boots ( // thrifted faux fur vest (Addiction Consignment/Philly) // Dolce & Gabbana coat with leopard lining (eBay)

les chiffoniers rick owens boots elizabeth james

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

third time's a charm

I never thought my calves were particularly big until one day last fall at Bergdorf Goodman when I tried to squeeze into a pair of Louboutin Egoustina boots. They didn't even go past my ankle! I suppose my calves are healthy runner's calves, nothing like the super-slim ones all French Vogue editors seem to have. I think it also has to do with the fact that I'm short, so the thickest part of my calf is a few inches lower on my leg than the average.

I have tried several versions of over-the-knee boots. These Biba ones were the most recent to date. I still love how they look but they are so tight around my calves that when I take them off at the end of the day there are huge dents in my skin from where the zippers dig in.

When the price dropped on these Calvin Klein suede boots from I decided to give them a try. They are still snug around my calf but not uncomfortable, just enough to keep the boots from sliding down. I can actually stuff a thin pair of jeans or pants in them (unlike the Bibas) and the heel height is perfect. I am pretty confident that these will be the last pair of black over-the-knee boots I will ever buy. Between these and the others I should have all my bases covered.

Rag & Bone shirt ( // Vanessa Bruno Athé jacket ( //
Calvin Klein Collection over-the-knee boots ( // Prada mini bag (eBay) //
rings by Elizabeth & James and Iossellani

prada bagelizabeth & jamesiossellani ring

Sunday, October 02, 2011


I haven't been trolling thrift and consignment stores as often as I used to. I'm either too busy or too lazy and most of the time I'd rather shop online. When I do get out and find something though, the thrill is still there.

I found this Ralph Lauren linen blazer in pristine condition at a consignment shop. It is made in Italy and has lovely wood buttons. I actually spent more money getting the sleeves hemmed than on the blazer itself, but the total cost was less than similar jackets I had been considering from H&M and Zara.

 The Row t-shirt I'm wearing in this outfit is also a consignment find. I would never pay full retail (~$200!) for it but it has become one of my favorite basics.

Makes me wish I had more time and energy to devote to "thrifting"!

Ralph Lauren Collection linen blazer // The Row t-shirt (Fisch for the Hip/NYC) //
Sara Berman cropped leather pants ( // Balenciaga belt ( //
YSL Tribtoo patent pumps // Alexander McQueen warrior skull ring (

the row tshirtbalenciaga beltysl tribtooalexander mcqueen ring

Thursday, September 29, 2011

collection i'll be stalking

I have trouble keeping up with fashion shows. There are too many of them and too many seasons for me to keep track of - as soon as I think I'm caught up, the next round of runway shows begins.

I don't remember viewing Junya Watanabe's F/W 2011 collection via runway pictures last spring, but when I saw the first shipment at Barneys it was love at first sight. With my solid base of essentials (tuxedo jacket, white button-down shirt, leather pants) I would have no trouble incorporating these pieces into my wardrobe. With end-of season sales, eBay, and discount sites, I'm hoping that at least one of these will land in my closet eventually. Let the obsessive bookmarking and stalking begin!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

tough call

I always have trouble getting dressed this time of year. It's as warm as it's been all summer but I'm tired of wearing my summer clothes.

Junya Watanabe CDG studded collar shirt (eBay) // Luxirare cuff // Sara
Berman cropped leather pants ( // Charles David boots (

Thursday, September 22, 2011

nine to five

And now for the latest installment of "dirty mirror, messy closet" work outfit pictures...

L: AKA shirt // D&G pants // Gucci belt // Michael Kors pumps
M: Michael Kors sweater // Benetton skirt // Delman pumps
R: Nili Lotan shirt // Helmut Lang pants // Louboutin shoes // Urban Outfitters trench

L: Jill Stuart jacket // James Perse tee // Prada cashmere skirt // Michael Kors pumps
M: Ralph Lauren linen blazer // Steven Alan shirt // Rag & Bone pants // Tod's loafers
R: Diesel blouse // Benetton pencil skirt // vintage belt // Michael Kors pumps

Sunday, September 18, 2011

shorter days, longer nights

Well I'm back! I hope everyone had a great summer!

I feel like myself again, fashion-wise, now that the weather has turned cooler. I wouldn't rush to switch out your closets though - it looks like next weekend will be warm again.

Missoni ombre duster sweater (Filene's Basement/NYC) // Rick Owens tank x 2
(Barneys and // Les Chiffoniers sparkly pants (Filene's Basement/NYC)
Givenchy boots (Century21/NYC) // Hermes cuff // Alexander McQueen ring

alexander mcqueen ringhermes collier de chiengivenchy boots

Sunday, August 14, 2011

tips and tricks

One wardrobe trick that has always worked for me is to wear skirts higher up in my waist, right at the smallest part of my torso, to make my legs look longer.

Missoni top // R.E.D. Valentino skirt // Hermes belt // Fendi bag //
Gucci watch // Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Dolce & Gabbana silk top // vintage Christian Dior skirt // Hermes belt //
Gucci watch // Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

This skirt is so old (actually all of the clothes in this post are!) I'm so glad it still fits. The skirt is actually several layers of pleated silk. It's hard to tell from the outfit picture so here is a closeup:

Love the print!

Sunday, August 07, 2011


The weather has been marginally more tolerable lately. It is still about 30 degrees hotter than my comfort zone but at least it no longer feels like I'm stepping into the fires of Mordor whenever I leave my apartment.

Still, the heat makes me do things I normally wouldn't, like show my bra in public. I should care more but I really don't. It must seem strange to some of you to hear an East Coaster complain about the weather. It's not so much the temperature (although it has been hovering above 90F for most of August) as it is the high humidity. I'll take dry heat over humid heat any day. It's the humidity than really makes you sweat. It's actually cooler out on the West Coast most days.

Rick Owens jersey skirt // James Perse ribbed tank // Urban Outfitters bra //
Chanel sandals // Hermes cuff // Gucci lizard band watch

If I had known how often I would wear this tank I would have purchased multiples. I'm always hand-washing it so that I can wear it on consecutive days without doing a full load of laundry. Same with the pants, actually. I have been living in them this summer. The perfect slouchy pant.

(same as above) // Balenciaga trousers // Chanel t-strap flats

Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh stella

I love Stella McCartney's designs and I would buy more of her stuff if
1. they were not so astronomically expensive, and
2. her designs were more short-person-friendly.

To be fair, no high end designer actually caters to those of us who are 5'4" and under, but at least a lot of things can be altered to fit. This is not always the case with the majority of Stella's designs. The waist and knee breaks are always in odd places unless you're tall, so altering to fit would mean taking the whole thing apart. (She might have to address this if she plans on expanding to the fast-growing luxury Asian market.)

If I'm lucky enough to find one of her pieces on sale, most of the time I can only pull it off if I wear heels, as is the case here.

Stella McCartney shirtdress (Fisch for the Hip consignment/NYC) // Missoni espadrilles (Anbar Shoes/NYC, now closed)

This dress is trademark Stella - loose-fitting and blousy, all-natural fabric, very comfortable to wear - something a male designer would never design for a woman, lol. (Wait, I take that back - I forgot about Albert Elbaz for Lanvin!)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

odds and ends

string vest from eBay // JBrand "Houlihan" skinny cargo pants //
Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled sandals

"Radical Fashion" by Clair Wilcox. The book itself is so-so,
but add Rick Owens and I hope my closet will one day read like this list!

I may not like hot weather, but I do love cute bikinis. These are my newest ones.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones by Rocketfish. Best new tech purchase - freedom from wires is amazing!!! You don't have to worry about the length of strap on your handbag or always having a pocket to stick your iPod in. Great for running, too. I keep a playlist on my phone (my iPod is so old, it is not Bluetooth-enabled) and also have it paired with my iPad since I always have it with me on the weekdays. There are controls right on the earpiece so you never have to take out your music player to rewind/fast-forward or change the volume. Of course you can also take calls without taking out your phone, but personally I hate talking on Bluetooth because it looks like I'm talking to myself! Lol. Wireless range is ~30 feet (10 meters.)

Whoever the fit model for pants is over at Balenciaga clearly has me in mind ;-)
Best fitting pants ever. Too much is never enough!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

midsummer dressing

Rick Owens jersey is an integral part of my summer survival kit. 
So comfortable and cool against the skin.

Rick Owens tank dress // American Apparel tube dress (underneath) //
vintage Hermes belt // Martin Margiela gold ring set //
Ralph Lauren Collection sandals

It was actually way too hot for a jacket, but doesn't every outfit look so much chic-er with a blazer thrown over it?

Rick Owens tanks // Rick Owens Lilies skort // Balenciaga boyfriend blazer //
Alaia sandals // Hermes collier de chien cuff

Sunday, June 12, 2011


original Helmut Lang top // McQ leather shorts
Ann Demeulemeester shirt and pants // Ralph Lauren Collection sandals

Ralph Lauren shirt // Current/Elliot shorts

Sunday, June 05, 2011

summer survival

Winter is by far my favorite season, so you can imagine how badly I dealt with the sudden onset of heat after months of rain. If only reverse hibernation were a viable option - I could stay indoors with air conditioning and a fridge full of ice cream and never see the light of day until the heat breaks and cold weather sets in.

One thing that makes the heat a little more tolerable is this (half)skirt, which is fast becoming a summer staple. I almost look forward to hot and humid days so that I have an excuse to wear it. Almost.

Rick Owens ribbed tank x 2 (Barneys and sales) // Ann Demeulemeester skirt ( // Don Ciccillo swarovski toe ring sandals ( // Hermes collier de chien cuff // cotton bicycle shorts