Thursday, September 22, 2011

nine to five

And now for the latest installment of "dirty mirror, messy closet" work outfit pictures...

L: AKA shirt // D&G pants // Gucci belt // Michael Kors pumps
M: Michael Kors sweater // Benetton skirt // Delman pumps
R: Nili Lotan shirt // Helmut Lang pants // Louboutin shoes // Urban Outfitters trench

L: Jill Stuart jacket // James Perse tee // Prada cashmere skirt // Michael Kors pumps
M: Ralph Lauren linen blazer // Steven Alan shirt // Rag & Bone pants // Tod's loafers
R: Diesel blouse // Benetton pencil skirt // vintage belt // Michael Kors pumps


  1. Is it a coincidence that you prefer black, white, gray in private, but for work wear a lot of beige and pastell colors? Or is it related to your profession?

  2. ^^ Hm, that's an interesting observation, it's definitely an unconscious choice. I think it has to do with the fact that these are from spring/summer, so the colors are lighter in general. I do have a loose dress code but there are no color requirements. I like khaki/beige bottoms for work because they go with all my shirts, and I have a thing for blue button-down shirts in general. I guess I would feel too much like a waitress if I stuck to black and white for work!

    Also my work is non-fashion related so I try not to be too avant-garde with my outfits.

  3. ^^^I was thinking the same thing: "where's the black?" Haha!
    They're all lovely, but the second look with the MK sweater and pencil skirt is my absolute fave!!!

  4. That waffle knit sweater, Tod's loafers, and linen blazer stand out gems. I like your diversity in style.

  5. Great looks! Very professional!

  6. Your office-wear outfit posts are some of my favorites because I seem to be stuck in a forever-rut and desperately need some inspiration! I love the outfits that are a bit more boyish. Still professional but a little different from the norm..I like it!

  7. I noticed the same thing as V. The last group of work outfits you posted was very masculine and this group is so feminine. Both look great on you, by the way!

  8. I really love your color palettes for work, so fresh and pretty looking. I'm surprised there wasn't a lot of greys and black in there since that's usually what you wear!