Sunday, August 14, 2011

tips and tricks

One wardrobe trick that has always worked for me is to wear skirts higher up in my waist, right at the smallest part of my torso, to make my legs look longer.

Missoni top // R.E.D. Valentino skirt // Hermes belt // Fendi bag //
Gucci watch // Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Dolce & Gabbana silk top // vintage Christian Dior skirt // Hermes belt //
Gucci watch // Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

This skirt is so old (actually all of the clothes in this post are!) I'm so glad it still fits. The skirt is actually several layers of pleated silk. It's hard to tell from the outfit picture so here is a closeup:

Love the print!

Sunday, August 07, 2011


The weather has been marginally more tolerable lately. It is still about 30 degrees hotter than my comfort zone but at least it no longer feels like I'm stepping into the fires of Mordor whenever I leave my apartment.

Still, the heat makes me do things I normally wouldn't, like show my bra in public. I should care more but I really don't. It must seem strange to some of you to hear an East Coaster complain about the weather. It's not so much the temperature (although it has been hovering above 90F for most of August) as it is the high humidity. I'll take dry heat over humid heat any day. It's the humidity than really makes you sweat. It's actually cooler out on the West Coast most days.

Rick Owens jersey skirt // James Perse ribbed tank // Urban Outfitters bra //
Chanel sandals // Hermes cuff // Gucci lizard band watch

If I had known how often I would wear this tank I would have purchased multiples. I'm always hand-washing it so that I can wear it on consecutive days without doing a full load of laundry. Same with the pants, actually. I have been living in them this summer. The perfect slouchy pant.

(same as above) // Balenciaga trousers // Chanel t-strap flats