Thursday, May 17, 2012

high time

Yves Saint Laurent ruffled cotton top
JBrand high-waist waxed jeans
Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled sandals

I'm no stranger to high-waist bottoms. I've worn wide-leg ones, shorts, and I often hitch my skirts up when I'm too lazy to hem them. High-waist + skinny, however, is a new silhouette for me. The appeal of high-waist pants is that they make your legs look longer, which is true, but I am also more conscious of my hips and I'm always afraid my butt looks long when I wear these. They are a great new addition to my closet though, they were on sale and I realized I actually own a lot of shorter and cropped tops. It's great not having to pull up my pants every five seconds and I love that I don't have to wear a belt! That's one of my peeves with jeans - when they stretch out I have to wear belts and sometimes outfits just look better without.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

nothing new here

So here are a few odds and ends. As usual my closet is a mess this time of year, with lightweight summer dresses fighting for space among winter coats that I have yet to dry clean and store. Most of my sandals are still tucked away which makes it difficult to figure out what I need to buy for the season, if anything. I'm going shopping with my mother and sister tomorrow on Mother's Day and I only have a vague list in my head. The only thing I'm sure of is that I'll be paying close attention to return policies!

I have been taking outfit pictures I just need to find the time to sort through them. I also want to be better at documenting my 'fancier' outfits ('fancy' might be a stretch, most of the time it's just one of my regular outfits with dressier shoes!) It was difficult in the fall/winter because by the time I was ready to head out it was so dark outside, but perhaps now that it's light until late in the day I will do better.

Thanks for sticking around, guys. I have always said that my blog is for myself primarily as a point of reference but I'm still very glad to have a few loyal readers ;-)