Thursday, December 31, 2009

tempus fugit

since it's the last day of 2009 i thought it would be fun to put together a slideshow of some of my favorite outfits from the past year. these were favorites of mine in 2009 and are sure to be worn many times again in 2010!

i did really well in the post-holiday sales this year (rick... ann d... les chiffoniers...) there'll be lots to post in the coming year so stay tuned!

thank you so much for visiting my blog and have a very happy new year!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

urban warrior

here's what i wore last sunday, the day after the blizzard. i had to get out of my apartment after being holed in all night, plus i had a few more stocking stuffers to buy. it's certainly not a typical errand-running outfit, but it was warm and i had not worn the skirt in a while. it's at least 4 years old now!

American Apparel lightweight turtleneck; Costume National furry vest (very old, from eBay); Alexander McQueen wool skirt with zippers (very old, from eBay); Bally boots ("borrowed indefinitely" from mom's closet); DKNY wool leggings; Cecile et Jeanne gold hammered cuff (from Cecile et Jeanne boutique on Madison Ave./NYC)

come to think of it, this combination works for my rick owens leather skirt as well...

same as above, except with Rick Owens leather skirt (from Barneys NY sale); Chloe boots (old, from DSW Shoes/NYC)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


this is my current default "night out" outfit. it's one of those outfits that i don't have to think about, i pretty much know it'll work. best of all, the hosiery, belt, and shoes are easily interchangeable.

Joie silk minidress (discounted from Bergdorf Goodman/NYC because the belt was missing); D&G lace leggings (old, from Century21/NYC); Balenciaga belt (from eBay); Biba over-the-knee boots (from eBay)

and this is my current default traveling outfit. with the exception of this past weekend when i got snowed in, i've gone home to nyc for holiday parties and other engagements so i've been on trains frequently this month.

T by Alexander Wang classic l/s tee worn under T by Alexander Wang striped linen blend tee (both from Barneys Co-op/Philly); American Apparel "winter" leggings; Miu Miu motorcycle boots (old, from; extra-long cashmere scarf (two Portolano scarves from Filene's Basement sewn together)

the american apparel leggings were actually an emergency buy. i wore my leather pants on the train ride from philly to nyc and found them a little uncomfortable, plus they made a funny noise on the vinyl seats. so before heading back to philly i popped into american apparel and bought these winter leggings. if this stripe tee was a little more affordable i would have bought two, it's perfect for travel - comfortable but a little more interesting than the plain oversized tees i usually wear.

i'll be heading home to new york this thursday, but i did schedule some posts via so the blog won't be completely inactive while i'm away. enjoy the holidays everyone!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

snow day!!!

first real snow day of the season! it looks like we'll be getting at least 3 inches today. i certainly hope businesses are open, i've got a ton of errands to run.


i love this wool onesie! i've been wanting one but didn't want to spend a lot of money on it because it's such a specific look. i found this one on sale at, and you can take an extra 40% off the sale price with code "sale40" (note that it is final sale.) it's a fine merino wool, not at all itchy or cheap-looking, and it is so comfortable. i can't wait to play around with it (i'll be checking out alexander wang's fall looks for some ideas), but for now here's how i'm wearing it - nothing like piling on a bunch of cosy layers when it's snowing out!


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Prada mohair vest (old, from eBay)
Portolano extra-long cashmere scarf (old, from Filene's Basement/NYC)
Brighton wool onesie (from sale)
Balenciaga belt (from eBay)
Missoni ombre cardigan (from Filene's Basement/NYC)
Soixante Neuf tusk necklace (very old, from small boutique in NYC)
Hunter "Huntress" wellies (from

Outfit Details

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

shiny shiny

when i first moved to philly in october i mentioned on the blog that my pvc pants might be too fashion forward for this city. a couple of philly locals told me to wear them regardless, so on sunday that's what i did. i definitely got a few curious stares, but i had my ipod on quite high so if there were any rude comments i didn't hear them :-)


this drkshdw furry hoodie is currently my favorite piece of outerwear (despite the fact that my sister thinks i look like the grim reaper.) it's so warm that i can get away with wearing just a t-shirt underneath. it was the only coat i brought home with me to new york this past thanksgiving weekend - it doubled as a blanket on the train ride home.


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Les Chiffoniers PVC pants with hip zippers (old, from Intermix sample sale/NYC)
DRKSHDW furry hoodie (from Century21/NYC)
Ter et Bantine t-shirt (from Century21/NYC)
Ann Demeulemeester scarf (v. old, from
Chanel motorcycle boots (old, from Barneys clearance)
Bliss Lau body chain (from
hammered silver ring (from the Met Museum gift shop/NYC)

Outfit Details

Saturday, December 05, 2009

favorite thing

today i finally got the chance to debut the only item i purchased on the saturday-after-black-friday (i never go shopping on black friday, it's too exhausting!) although i only came away with one item the whole weekend, i made sure it was a good one - a rick owens drawstring leather miniskirt, marked down 40% at barneys. i fell in love with it at the beginning of the season but had given up on it, assuming it would never go on sale. but lo and behold, there it was on a very empty rick owens rack on the 5th floor of barneys. it's a size too big but that's what drawstrings are for! seriously, who but rick owens would put a drawstring waist on a leather miniskirt? and did i mention it had pockets?! i am officially in love.


at first i was hesitant to do the full leather suit, but i liked how it turned out.


be prepared to see these chloe boots a lot this winter; i've been looking for another pair of black ankle boots but have yet to find ones that i really like.

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
vintage leather jacket (old, from eBay)
Nation Ltd. gray top (from Intermix/NYC)
Rick Owens drawstring leather mini (**new** from Barneys sale/NYC)
Isabel Marant braided scarf (old, from eBay)
extra long Portolano cashmere scarf (from Filene's Basement/NYC)
lace fingerless gloves (from Intermix sample sale/NYC)
rings with Latin sayings (from Marc Jacobs accessories store on Bleecker St./NYC)
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring (from Intermix/NYC) and hammered silver ring (from Met Museum gift shop)
DKNY wool leggings
Chloe pull-on boots (from DSW Shoes/NYC)

Outfit Details

i finished my christmas shopping this morning. i got back to my apartment just as the first snowflakes of the season started to fall. snow in the city is much prettier when you're warm and cosy indoors, watching the snowfall through your window...