Saturday, December 26, 2009

urban warrior

here's what i wore last sunday, the day after the blizzard. i had to get out of my apartment after being holed in all night, plus i had a few more stocking stuffers to buy. it's certainly not a typical errand-running outfit, but it was warm and i had not worn the skirt in a while. it's at least 4 years old now!

American Apparel lightweight turtleneck; Costume National furry vest (very old, from eBay); Alexander McQueen wool skirt with zippers (very old, from eBay); Bally boots ("borrowed indefinitely" from mom's closet); DKNY wool leggings; Cecile et Jeanne gold hammered cuff (from Cecile et Jeanne boutique on Madison Ave./NYC)

come to think of it, this combination works for my rick owens leather skirt as well...

same as above, except with Rick Owens leather skirt (from Barneys NY sale); Chloe boots (old, from DSW Shoes/NYC)


  1. Great outfits! I gotta say the second is my favorite. You just look soo cute in that RO! And those Chloe boots are just amazing!

  2. your ebay luck never ceases to amaze me!

  3. lovely outfits. the mcqueen skirt was an amazing find!

  4. love both looks. the vest adds a nice touch.
    and yes, your ebay luck is out of this world!