Friday, June 26, 2009

gotta run

Jil Sander s/s '08 minidress (from Barneys); faux diamond earrings; Marc Bernstein triple wrap bracelet (from Young Designers Market on Mulberry St.); Manolo Blahnik lucite strap heels (from eBay);

have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

work fashion math.

i haven't done one of these in a while, but then again my work outfits are more formulaic than they are interesting. i hate spending money on work clothes, even though they constitute like 71% of my weekly outfits. i end up wearing the same things, i just rotate tops and bottoms. so theoretically in order to have 260 completely different outfits, one for each workday for a year, the minimum you would need is maybe 10 bottoms and 26 shirts, or 13 bottoms and 20 shirts. and say you owned 5 sweaters, you would need even less than that - maybe 5 bottoms and just 10 or 11 shirts! but that would mean doing laundry more than once a month, and that's just not happening in my world...

kind of makes you wonder at how much stuff we are all amassing needlessly...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

reader request

as per a reader's request, here are a few rainy day outfits i wore this month. after so many consecutive days of rain (today included), new yorkers are well-versed in rainy day fashion - this june is predicted to be the 2nd coldest and one of the rainiest junes ever. a few days ago i was on the crosstown bus and in an attempt to lighten the mood, the driver announced "thank you for riding with mta. we hope you are enjoying the seattle weather exchange program." i did see a few weather-weary new yorkers crack a smile.

a few rainy day essentials in this outfit: black skinny pants for tucking into wellies (these particular ones have "equestrian" style patches on the inner leg, but i have tons of black skinnies in all different forms and materials), a scarf to protect my hair when the rain falls too lightly for an umbrella, and my patent leather bowler bag which has a slick surface so the rain rolls right off. there's a closeup of the bag here.
oversized shirt by "SHIRT" (from Intermix); Tt equestrian style pants (from Tokio7 consignment store); Balenciaga blazer (from eBay); street vendor sparkly scarf; Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather bowler bag (old, from Barneys Co-op); Elizabeth & James knuckle ring (from Intermix)

a knee-length sweater is great for the rain in case you want to wear a cute dress. this length sweater will guard against those stains that you get when you kick up water and splash yourself as you walk.
DSquared trench dress (from Century21); D&G lace leggings (from Century21); Vince hooded sweater; Marc Bernstein triple wrap bracelet (from Young Designers Market on Mulberry St.)

boyfriend blazers and wellies make a great combination and a baseball cap is great for shielding your face (and mascara!) from light rain.

Calvin Klein Collection blazer (from Housing Works Thrift Shop, the Columbus Ave. location); YSL tee (from YSL boutique on 57th St.); AG boyfriend shorts (from shopbop or revolve i think? i forgot); Ralph Lauren belt from TJMaxx

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

comme un garçon

this is actually from a few weekends ago, but i didn't post it because it might seem like i never take these jeans off. lol. but then i figured what the hell, this blog is about what i'm wearing, and i do wear these jeans a lot. cost per wear is dangerously approaching 1. (ok, that's a complete exaggeration.)


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Steven Alan shirt (from Barneys Co-op sale)
Current/Elliot cropped jeans (from Third Street Habit, in Philadelphia)
Office London laceup boots (from Topshop NY)
Oliver Peoples "Elsie" sunglasses (from Oliver Peoples boutique on Madison Ave.)
hammered silver ring (from the Met Museum gift shop)
brown leather belt (from shoe shine kiosk at Penn Station)

Outfit Details

Sunday, June 14, 2009

eat your heart out, promenade plantée

apologies for the lack of posting, but eight straight days of rain here in nyc made for some very uninspired outfits, all of which revolved around my hunter wellies.

but hooray, the sun came out today!

some of you might remember this sweater from my stylediary. it is so so old, but still in superb condition.

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Dolce & Gabbana sweater (from Filene's Basement eons ago)
Rick Owens Lilies drop crotch pants (from Century21)
Alternative Apparel oatmeal tank (from Century21)
Chloe platform shoes (from yoox)
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring (from Intermix)
Outfit Details

until you ride the subway during the puerto rican day parade, it's easy to forget that hispanics are quickly outpacing every other ethnic group in nyc (gotta get to work on my spanish!) i'm glad the sun came out for the parade. still, i try to avoid any sort of crowded situation (even sheep's meadow in central park on a sunny day with all the sunbathers and picnic-ers makes me irritable. random fact: sheep really did graze at sheep's meadow a long long time ago, and the shepherd and sheep were housed in what is now tavern on the green), so i gladly accepted my mom's invitation to play tourist and check out the newly opened high line, new york's answer to paris's promenade plantée, an above-ground railroad track no longer in use converted into a public park. it starts at the meatpacking district, far enough away from the parade throngs on fifth avenue. by the time i made my way down there, my mom had already walked through half of it and taken lots of pictures.

it's pretty cool, the landscaping was done really well. there's even a section with stadium-style seating where you can watch the, er, traffic below...

and an installation by spencer finch featuring glass panes tinted in all the colors of the hudson river witnessed at any given moment...

and it's also a great place to view frank gehry's cool sail(boat) building...

i really like the mix of old railroad tracks, concrete, and carefully selected low-maintenance weeds...

sorry for the crap video, it was taken on my blackberry. that's my mom in the video...

she is one stylish lady, all the more so since she shops exclusively at discounters like tjmaxx, marshall's, and daffy's. also, she's 50+ and has never dyed her hair.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

i can't decide which shoes to wear

barefoot seems to be the most fashionable (yet least practical) choice for this particular outfit.

isn't this a great shirt? tao comme des garcons. i found it at INA in nolita. people are letting go of some fantastic items nowadays, folks, so check out your local consignment shop next time you're out and about.