Wednesday, June 24, 2009

work fashion math.

i haven't done one of these in a while, but then again my work outfits are more formulaic than they are interesting. i hate spending money on work clothes, even though they constitute like 71% of my weekly outfits. i end up wearing the same things, i just rotate tops and bottoms. so theoretically in order to have 260 completely different outfits, one for each workday for a year, the minimum you would need is maybe 10 bottoms and 26 shirts, or 13 bottoms and 20 shirts. and say you owned 5 sweaters, you would need even less than that - maybe 5 bottoms and just 10 or 11 shirts! but that would mean doing laundry more than once a month, and that's just not happening in my world...

kind of makes you wonder at how much stuff we are all amassing needlessly...


  1. i really should be buying proper work clothes. i like your work outfits i may have to take some notes.

  2. Hehe...I like the math. I don't have time to do laundry either (or I'd get too lazy).

    I think I have enough work clothes except for suits. I would have thought that 5 suits would be enough, but when some of them are at the dry cleaners and it's a (rare) week when I have to wear them almost daily, the rotation starts to get thin.

  3. I suck at maths. That's my excuse :)

  4. very simple and chic. i love it! ive purged my closet of all the stuff i never really wear and it scared me how much clothing i own.


    i hate math.. even the fashion kind. lulz.



  5. you have great work outfits! i'm still trying to find my 'groove'.

    i have the best of intentions when walking into a clothing store. the shopping list is always very simple:

    1) sweaters
    2) dress pants
    3) non-denim pants (khakis, cords, etc.)
    4) basic belts

    unfortunately, i always end up walking out with what i WANT, not what i need. my closet is still only 10% work clothes even though i'm at the office almost more than home!

  6. I am starting a summer job in a couple of weeks where I have to wear 'business attire' 4 days a week. Argh!
    A week or so ago I purchased a couple of cheap shirts from Uniqlo but now I realise I really need some cotton trousers like the ones in your photo. Thanks for this and the previous post, they have been really heplful in formulating a sort of idea of what clothes I could buy which would work next month and afterwards when I revert to studenty clothes again. xx