Wednesday, June 17, 2009

comme un garçon

this is actually from a few weekends ago, but i didn't post it because it might seem like i never take these jeans off. lol. but then i figured what the hell, this blog is about what i'm wearing, and i do wear these jeans a lot. cost per wear is dangerously approaching 1. (ok, that's a complete exaggeration.)


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Steven Alan shirt (from Barneys Co-op sale)
Current/Elliot cropped jeans (from Third Street Habit, in Philadelphia)
Office London laceup boots (from Topshop NY)
Oliver Peoples "Elsie" sunglasses (from Oliver Peoples boutique on Madison Ave.)
hammered silver ring (from the Met Museum gift shop)
brown leather belt (from shoe shine kiosk at Penn Station)

Outfit Details


  1. Are you from Philly/surrounding area? Just curious because I'm from Philly and saw some of your things were bought here and I never see many fashionable people. You and your blog are sooooooo refreshing! The Sartorialist even came to Philly about a year or so ago and only got ONE outfit shot for his blog while here, so embarassing.

  2. ^^ no, i actually grew up in manhattan. i went to college in philly though, i was there a few weekends ago for alumni weekend and had to make some new purchases because i didn't pack properly for the heat!

    i was a little sad to see some of the boutiques i used to go to as a student (like echochic) go out of business, and i was shocked to see a barneys co-op right in rittenhouse square! there must be some stylish people in philly, you guys have some cute boutiques!

  3. i think it's so cool how you master this rollover thing.

  4. i really dig the boy'iss top wih thr fim shoes


  5. i love this relaxed look! and i love you even more for eating at flor de mayo!! :)

  6. Wearing such beautiful jeans a ton is no crime! It would be a shame if you didn't.

  7. I love your jeans and the boots are awesome!


  8. great boots. very cool relaxed look.

  9. Do you ever have a bad outfit day? I ask, because I really love each and every outfit that you wear :)