Saturday, July 09, 2011

odds and ends

string vest from eBay // JBrand "Houlihan" skinny cargo pants //
Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled sandals

"Radical Fashion" by Clair Wilcox. The book itself is so-so,
but add Rick Owens and I hope my closet will one day read like this list!

I may not like hot weather, but I do love cute bikinis. These are my newest ones.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones by Rocketfish. Best new tech purchase - freedom from wires is amazing!!! You don't have to worry about the length of strap on your handbag or always having a pocket to stick your iPod in. Great for running, too. I keep a playlist on my phone (my iPod is so old, it is not Bluetooth-enabled) and also have it paired with my iPad since I always have it with me on the weekdays. There are controls right on the earpiece so you never have to take out your music player to rewind/fast-forward or change the volume. Of course you can also take calls without taking out your phone, but personally I hate talking on Bluetooth because it looks like I'm talking to myself! Lol. Wireless range is ~30 feet (10 meters.)

Whoever the fit model for pants is over at Balenciaga clearly has me in mind ;-)
Best fitting pants ever. Too much is never enough!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer!


  1. Great pictures :)))

    LOVE minnja

    Wanna follow each other?

  2. All those Balenciaga pants! :D

  3. Balenciaga pants ... drooling!

  4. Lovely outfit! The cargo pants look so good with those sandals!
    And OMG! The balenciaga pants!

  5. wholly moly that is a lot of Bal pants! -ps. I remember you saying you'd do a shopping list recap around july/august.

  6. Those Balenciaga pants are wonderful. It's amazing how sometimes a designer cuts the perfect garment for you. I love that list of designers.

  7. Good lord, so many pants lol. If it ain't broke, right?

  8. yesss i have a pair of balenciaga silk trousers and they're a dream! just the right amount of sheer <3

  9. It's so hard to find trousers that fit right for you. I'd do the same kind of collection if I found the perfect cut for me.