Sunday, October 02, 2011


I haven't been trolling thrift and consignment stores as often as I used to. I'm either too busy or too lazy and most of the time I'd rather shop online. When I do get out and find something though, the thrill is still there.

I found this Ralph Lauren linen blazer in pristine condition at a consignment shop. It is made in Italy and has lovely wood buttons. I actually spent more money getting the sleeves hemmed than on the blazer itself, but the total cost was less than similar jackets I had been considering from H&M and Zara.

 The Row t-shirt I'm wearing in this outfit is also a consignment find. I would never pay full retail (~$200!) for it but it has become one of my favorite basics.

Makes me wish I had more time and energy to devote to "thrifting"!

Ralph Lauren Collection linen blazer // The Row t-shirt (Fisch for the Hip/NYC) //
Sara Berman cropped leather pants ( // Balenciaga belt ( //
YSL Tribtoo patent pumps // Alexander McQueen warrior skull ring (

the row tshirtbalenciaga beltysl tribtooalexander mcqueen ring


  1. That blazer is gorgeous, and it looks great with the leather pants--not to mention it will integrate well with your work wardrobe. As always I love that Balenciaga belt. I gravitate towards online shopping, but I do feel more sentimental and appreciate the things I buy in person more sometimes. If that makes any sense... I'm getting my nyc itinerary together now, so many shops so little time and $$$. lol! I'm making a note to stop at one of the consignments you've mentioned since it's on my way, and definitely hitting C21. If you've seen any Gareth Pugh let me know!

  2. wonderful blazer!! the fit looks fantastic <3

  3. Love this outfit! I should start thrifting too.

  4. what a great outfit.
    and im still green with envy over that belt..

  5. So jealous of the blazer... and that Row tee! (and, P.S., because you're a baseball (Yankees) fan... Go Tigers!!! ;-) )

  6. ^^ wise of you to remain anon ;-) we've got CC on the mound tomorrow!

    Pret: C21 just opened up a new location in Lincoln Center. I haven't been but it's huge.

  7. good finds are so much fun! i do think the row, or anyone, charging hundreds for a cotton basic is pretty ridiculous though.. so it's awesome when you can find it for a good deal :)

  8. Great outfit! I've recently ordered a pair of leather pants online, and I can't wait until they arrive!

  9. The blazer is so wonderful, it looks like the perfect shade and the fit is great.

  10. Beautiful outfit! And that belt!!!

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  12. ahh the pants are beyond fab! x