Wednesday, August 18, 2010

reader request: rollerball preview

i did plan on styling several different outfits with the Christian Louboutin
"rollerball" spikey loafers but got lazy when i realized i would have to take
a lot of my fall/winter things out of their plastic bins, where they currently
reside. so i apologize for this half-assed attempt, which was the best i
could do with stuff i could easily reach for. no worries, you'll be seeing
these shoes with better outfits in the fall! 'til then, here's the preview:


Rick Owens tank; thrifted plaid shirt; thrifted army shirt; Les Chiffoniers
classic leather pants with zippers; Hermes collier de chien cuff;
sword pendant; cross pendant from Portobello Market; Christian Louboutin
"rollerball" studded loafers

the pants are the latest addition to my Les Chiffoniers collection. i never
thought i would find these on sale, it seemed like all the other styles would
go on sale except these. but there they were on, 60% off.
woohoo! Les Chiffoniers makes the best, most comfortable leather pants.
these aren't Ross's leather pants, y'all.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous and LETHAL. Love it. I like the army shirt/jacket too.

  2. Love this outfit!!! Especially the green jacket. I bought one at the Gap last year and I can't wait to wear it! Also, I regret not buying a pair of les chiffoniers a while ago at 60% off (from I made the mistake of sleeping on it! :(

  3. This outfit is PERFECT! And those loafers....oh my God!

  4. SUPER jealous of your studded loubs!

  5. very cool (though i prefer the freddy studded flats)

  6. Great outfit. Love those shoes!

  7. those shoes. LUSTING them.. and your outfit! great stuff.

  8. those shoes....i weep.
    and how are you finding these damn sales. i've been looking for those leggings on sale for forever. although, i probably cannot afford them at 60% off either, lol.
    you look wicked cooooool.

  9. OMGEEEZZEES! So cool! Ah. I wonder if I can make my own DIY version. Have to find the spikes and the shoes first.

    Also, for those living in the USA the GIVEAWAY closes super soon! The gorgeous vintage inspired cocktail ring might just look amazing on your pretty hands ^_^
    ...for free!


    -The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

  10. I just discovered your blog and I really like it! I love all your outfits!


  11. loveeeee your louboutins!!! almost got them but went for the flats instead. love your blog and style!

  12. Hey, just wondering if you could help me out as I'm about to purchase these rollerballs online.. how was the fit on the shoe compared to US sizing? was the fit smaller like most CLs? it would help out a lot thanks!

  13. ^^ Hey sofaa, I hope you get this, there was no contact info in your profile :-)

    The rollerballs do NOT run on the small side like a lot of other CLs. I would say just get your regular size in other brands. I'm a 36/6 and that's the size I took in these, I did not have to go up 1/2 size or anything.

    Hope that helps!