Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 items or less


some items are just "loud" enough that you don't need much else in the outfit.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
Ter et Bantine white maxi tank dress (old, from Century21/NYC)
Sass & Bide studded leather harness (super old, from eBay)
Giuseppe Zanotti brown heels (from eBay)

Outfit Details


  1. I know! When I was little (16-17, lol, now I'm 18) I used to wear EVERYTHING at the same time. I really looked like a disaster, haha.

  2. That leather harness is awesome!!

  3. This outfit looks like it's from an ancient time period. Each individual piece is amazing, especially that leather harness. It's so unique looking!

  4. Wow, at the first look the harness looked like feathers - it gives that floaty, flying feeling. Amazing, how easily you can be fooled! :)

  5. is that harness part of a dress? pretty awesome. i love this. i have a couple of loud items...mine are nowhere as chic, though, lol.
    OH, and by the way, wouldn't you know it:
    not the same, but very similar. too bad i don't buy cheap monday items. something about their logo is a little too sinister for my catholic school background, lol.

  6. you always do such nice simple outfits. the harness is the perfect focal piece here. i searched endlessly for that thing on ebay years ago (i think because of your SD photos) to no avail. it still looks current now! ~joelle

  7. This Sass & Bide Harness came with an Orange top. The harness on it's own is very pretty. It's a statement piece in my opinion. The harness is part of a two piece outfit.It comes with an orange Mesh top that is really thick and hugs your body. The combo is dynamic and the harness is very versatile and can be used in many ways.I will never get rid of mine.Very edgy and probably very hard to find. I bought mine on Ebay. check it out.