Thursday, August 05, 2010

second best

took advantage of the overcast, not-too-hot weather last sunday to wear leather.
and black, lots of it.


i gave up on the search for the Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots at a decent
price on eBay and instead settled for the Jeffrey Campbell knockoffs. i really
want them in the original camel color anyway, so that search is ongoing. i
took these to the cobbler to chop off about 2 inches since they came up too
high on my leg. aside from the cheap faux-wood heel, these aren't such a bad
substitute. plus i saved about $800.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
Kiki de Montparnasse leather bikini top (from
Alexander McQueen padded shoulder tee with tails (from
Rick Owens leather drawstring skirt (from Barneys sale)
Jeffrey Campbell Ann laceup boots (from eBay)
Hermes collier de chien cuff
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring and hammered silver ring from the Met Museum gift shop
Iossellani small skull ring (from Barneys Co-op)
Marc by Marc Jacobs rings with Latin sayings
Chanel quilted purse with charms

Outfit Details

i think i may have also found my new fall/winter nailpolish color -
Black Sequins by Dior - a very dark purplish blue with sparkles.



  1. I absolutely LOVE everything about this outfit. Simple, but the leather drawstring skirt makes the outfit intriguing! The skirt and the tee is really great. And those Ann D knockoffs aren't bad either. I've given up several ebay auctions for the Ann D lace up sandals. They are so perfect but too pricey on ebay.

  2. ^^^What she said! I absolutely love everything!!! Wow!!!

  3. Beautiful! I'm so impressed by your ability to make leather look cool and chic in the middle of summer.

  4. I love this one too. the proportions are perfect and that tee with the shoulder padding is excellent. I auite like actually the bikini straps exposed.

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  6. I really love this outfit. It's simple and sexy.

    Usually it's better to go with the knockoffs, especially if you save that much. But, oh the satisfaction of having the real thing!

  7. i love the AD lace up sandals too, but it is too pricey,and i worried that it might go out of sytle/ trend, do you think it will? i think i will get one from JCampbell too.

    As usual , I really love your outfit!
    I always expect to your post.

  8. May I say that this outfit is very hot.

  9. i love the light, all black ensemble. not an easy feat!

    $800 is definitely nothing to shake a stick at. so frustrating that they cost so much. also looking for the emma cook for topshop boots that were all the rage a few years back. they look uber walkable...want.

  10. This outfit is perfection. You know that the AD camel lace ups were on Gilt? I think for about $350 or something.

  11. Amazing look!!!Should I love You or hate You? damn, I cannot decide:)