Saturday, October 10, 2009

saturday, october 10th '09

faux diamond earrings (from New York Look); Rugby Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater (from outlet store in Woodbury Commons); Michael Kors sequin pants (extremely lucky find from clearance section); Lanvin flats (from Anbar shoes, now sadly out of business)

well, folks, this might be one of the last pictures i'll be taking in this apartment...

i'm moving to philly!

crazy, i know, it all happened so quickly. i wasn't even looking for a job, but i was contacted by a company i had interned for while i was an undergrad in engineering school in philly a few years ago (any college students out there, take heed - work hard at those internships!), wanting to know if i was interested in re-joining them. a few trips back and forth from nyc to philly and voila! suddenly i'm a junior engineer at the company. a pretty big deal, i can't really say much about it but i'm basically going to be like a real-life bond girl! (minus james bond...)

so here i am, moving out of my home turf. i'm not that sad about it, actually. new york now is a lot different from the new york i grew up in, what i like to call the "pre-bloomberg" era. a lot more out-of-towners here, it's soooo much more crowded and big-business-y. (new world coffee, anyone?) in fact, i dug up an old picture of the neighborhood (i can even spot the exact building) i grew up in...

most of you probably won't even recognize columbus circle without the fountains and without the time warner center. before there was time warner there was the new york coliseum, an ugly, scary place. my sister and i weren't allowed to walk around the coliseum alone or at night, there were always a lot of bums and junkies hanging out there. and forget about going into central park! not exactly the safe playground it is now.

philly kind of reminds me of the old new york - a little grimier, a little seedier, studio apartments in the heart of town for under $1K. i'll be back in nyc a lot, my family is still here and many of my friends are here as well. it's only two hours away - kind of like a really long subway ride from the heart of manhattan to the far reaches of queens - they don't call it the "sixth borough" for nothing! plus i went to college in philly so it's not entirely unfamiliar.

i'll be moving in with the parents for a little bit before heading down to my new apartment (with a WALK-IN CLOSET - yes, CAPS are necessary, this is the first time in my life i'll have a walk in closet. in fact, it might be the biggest closet i've ever had!) in november.

it's hard to leave your hometown when your hometown happens to be new york, but when you're on your own and landing a rich husband isn't exactly your path to a comfortable retirement, you have to do what's best for your career. it's scary having to make grown-up decisions. it's also exciting, i know this is only the beginning of several grown-up decisions i will have to make. so wish me luck, the blog will go on, there just might be a few lapses here and there while i get settled...


  1. Wow congratulations. That's exciting!

  2. Congrats on your new job! It's always nice when someone gives you the recognition you deserve.

    I love those sequined pants. I wanted to get some sequined leggings from H&M, but they sadly ran out. Now I gotta look to other places for another pair...

  3. Congratulations on the job! How very exciting. Hope Philly treats you well. :)

  4. Congratulation on the job!! You look really cute as always!!

  5. congratulations!!!!
    and nyc is still a ride away, i took the bus from nyc to philly before it wasnt that long of a trip at all. and just think of the no sales tax!! and enjoy that walk in closet!!

  6. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for years, first on Stylediary and now here on blogger. It is funny, we are making almost the same life changes right now. I am moving to another state and going to have to stay with the parents for a bit until my apt is ready! Good luck with your move and...doesn't packing suck???

  7. Congratulations! I graduated in May and am still looking for a job. Unfortunately I interned at a bunch of non-profits, like The Make-A-Wish Foundation, so I doubt they'll be calling me for an actual paid job, haha. Good for you though! Love the pants!

  8. Congrats to you!!! and youre right, NYC isnt the same anymore but I think the changes came from Guiliani and Bloomberg is carrying the torch on. I'm a native NY'er also so I know exactly what you mean.

    fyi Ive been following you for years! and am so glad youre on blogger since stylediary pics were just too small. Anyway, I will patiently await your updates and Congrats again!

  9. ohh wow...well good luck and congratulations real-life bond girl!


  10. Wow, what a change! congratulations; you sound very happy, K, and change is always good.
    looking forward to see how your style adapts to a new city.

  11. I thought that looked like Columbus Circle! Wow. What a huge change.

    Congrats on your new job.

    :) Good luck


  12. All the luck in the world! xxxx

  13. congrats on your new job! moving to philly will be exciting- it really is easy to get to from NYC. sometimes i dream about living there instead.

    and i really love your sequin pants! they seem like the thing that will come in handy for a bond girl :) ~joelle

  14. CONGRATS!! I'm excited for you. I went to university in Philly as well and it's always been like a second home. And who doesn't love the no sales tax on clothing :)Oh and I LOVE your sequin leggings, they look great on you.

  15. Nooooo!!!!! Ok, congrats and I'm glad you arent moving too far ;) xoxo

  16. congrats! just don't stop posting. in hindsight, i wish i could have gone into biomed engineering, but my school's track to that was very strict, and you had to apply from high school (grrrr). so...i did liberal arts. hellooooo recession.

    thanks for sharing a bit old new york (where walk-in closets may not have been so far-fetched). it seems the city is bent on pricing folks out of manhattan and into the outerboroughs.

    i bet you'll land that rich husband anyway!

  17. just discovered your blog. your comments on the cities are interesting. i've never been to philly, but you make it sound interesting.