Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sunday, september 27th '09

last sunday as i was getting dressed watching the downpour through my window i thought up a haiku:

rain rain go away
so the Yankees play and win
clinch the A. L. East

haha, dorky i know. (they did end up winning though.)

back to what i was wearing...


some of you might remember the scarf i "made" (ok, not really, i just sewed two together to make a really long one) from last winter. took quite a bit of digging but i did find it. in the end i had to take it off, it was warmer than expected. it was also the debut of these cool $3.00 rings with latin sayings on them, which i purchased at the "marc jacobs store of random cheap accessories" on bleecker & perry in the village.

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
extra long scarf made from two Portolano cashmere scarves (from Filene's Basement)
vintage tee (from unis in nolita)
Les Chiffoniers ankle-length pants (from last winter's Intermix warehouse sale)
Miu Miu motorcycle boots (old, from mytheresa.com)
vintage leather jacket (from eBay)
Marc Jacobs Latin rings (from Marc Jacobs accessories store in the Village)
Bliss Lau body harness (from blisslau.com)

Outfit Details

i went shopping for an ivory shrug for an upcoming black-tie event but didn't find exactly what i was looking for. i did pick up a couple of missoni pieces from filene's basement though. here i am in the dressing room, trying on a fabulous sweater that i ended up buying:

the missoni skirt so carelessly thrown on the floor also came home with me. (don't worry, i'm not one of those brats who leave messy rooms behind!)


  1. those are the coolest rings I have seen in a long time; they have such character.

    also, unrelated: nice to find a fellow yankee fan! did you see the joke they played on ramiro pena a few days ago when he hit 1st career HR? so great...

  2. I love the rings. I have the leather bracelets with the Latin phrases and love them...maybe I should go back to the store for the rings.

    The Missoni sweater is awesome! Pretty nifty that you got the other item on the floor too. It's sad that people just throw good clothes around like that, but hey, you get to benefit.

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  4. I'm in love with those rings! x

  5. SCORE! lost your blog. happy to have re-found it. top outfit is great. i heart the chiffoniers leggings.

  6. what a gorgeous leather jacket! and boots. also i am really drooling over the bliss lau body chain.

    not to be a total creepster, but i remember you from stylediary years ago, and i was completely obsessed with your sass and bide leather harness- i stalked ebay FOREVER and never found one. now you have me wanting the body chain too. ~joelle