Saturday, September 26, 2009

diy #1

so i was at intermix in soho one day and spotted a really cool t-shirt. it was a white, crew-neck cotton tee dotted with swarovski crystals. the price tag? $1400. why? because it had the letters B-A-L-M-A-I-N on the tag.

i'm not a big diy-er, mostly because i run out of patience easily. i'm ashamed to say i would rather fork over a couple of benjamins for a racquel allegra tee or martin margiela ripped leggings than shred things myself. for some unknown reason, perhaps it was the long labor day weekend where i stayed in the city, i got bit by the diy bug and decided to give it a try. also i think i was a little pissed off that someone out there was charging $1400 for a friggin t-shirt. it's not like there are 24k gold threads sewn into it or anything...

so here goes - i went over to my parents house to work on it because they've got a nice big dining room table. i also ended up leaving my bedazzler there, i was afraid i'd start bedazzling everything in sight if i brought it home with me.

first i had to pick a t-shirt. i knew that i didn't want it too tight and stretchy, especially around the bust, because the grid of sequins would no longer be orderly if it was all stretched out. i ended up buying a 100% cotton tee by organic by john patrick from barneys co-op. it has a great oversized fit and is very comfortable.

i knew the easiest way to apply the crystals was to first draw a grid then just drop the crystals at every intersection. however, i was too lazy to draw all those grid lines, didn't have a ruler long enough to cover the length of the oversized t-shirt, and was impatient to start bedazzling. so i only made a few lines forming a cross in the middle of the t-shirt.

using a quilting ruler, i spaced the crystals as evenly as i could 2-inches apart, using the few lines that i drew as a starting point then using that row as a marker for consecutive rows of crystals. i used three different colors of hot-fix crystals - black diamond, clear crystal, and silver shade, and the way the light plays off each is so nice, especially at night.

here is the final product, the picture doesn't do it justice because you can't really see it sparkle:

i was too lazy to do the back. the tee is so big it took me a lot longer to finish than i had originally estimated. do you think it's absolutely necessary to bedazzle the back as well? i'm kind of hoping the consensus is "no."

here's how i wore it today, i paired it with my LNA leggings that have zippers going down the entire length of the leg (love!), Alaia boots, and a Balenciaga boyfriend blazer:


  1. Looks good but I'm thinking you gotta do the back.

  2. i say nay to the back. cold weather for you is coming up soon, so you'll most likely be wearing layers on top of it anyway. plus, would the stones dig into your back while sitting?

    -ps. do you have closeups of the shoes? they look pretty cool!

  3. this is bedazzling! (sorry, i just had to). seriously though, great DIY. i think the front is definitely enough. doing the entire back could start bordering on tacky. this is simple but perfect.

    and in response to the j+ by jil sander collection...i completely know what you mean. i think some of the pieces are amazing, but i don't know if it's worth the frustration (and time) lining up, being trampled on, only to end with odd sizes, and go home finding the entire inventory posted by hoarders on ebay at a 200% markup. meh.

    i actually remember that the j+ collection might be a permanent one, or at least it's not a one time deal for uniqlo. so, plenty of opportunities i hope!

  4. Looks amazing! You did a great job. I vote no on the back--I agree with -h's rationale.

  5. That's one heck of diy, grat job! I join the "no back club".


  6. so good. i reckon you could do the back as well!

    i have a question about your les chiffoniers pvc they fit properly like trousers or do they sort of start sliding off a bit as u walk like american apparel shiny leggings?

  7. hmm... i think due to lack of time i will hold off doing the back for now; i will probably rarely wear it without a jacket or sweater over it anyway. thanks for the advice, everyone!

    ^^ -h: if you search the blog for "alaia" i'm sure a closeup will come up; sadly it's the only alaia piece i have in my wardrobe! i included a closeup when i last wore the boots, you just have to do view the rollover image

    ^^ yui: the chiffoniers leggings stretch out quite a bit, they are more like leggings than pants; the elastic at the waistband is not as bad as the AA ones, though, i don't have to spend all day in fear that i will end up mooning someone...

  8. Nice...I own a debazzler too but I've never used it. I might go buck wild with it with this idea you've given me. I'm forever calling you little goth riding hood BTW.

  9. The T looks great. I agree with the majority nay on the back.

  10. Leave the back.

    As everyone said, you will wear layers over it. PLUS if you decide to do the back, you'd end up leaving the tee in the 'to-d' pile forever and never wear it. Well, I would anyway. x

  11. the shirt looks great! i don't think doing the back is necessary- winter is coming so you'll be wearing it with sweaters and jackets anyway. by the way i'm so glad i found your blog- i used to follow your posts on stylediary and just found it through there! ~joelle

  12. I would personally NOT do the back. For 1. The way your wearing it looks awesome 2. I'd be afraid I would end up with a wounded back Ouch! It looks great the way you did it. You must be really patient contrary to what you say. I think I would have pitch it all and walked off. I am Not patient AT ALL. My family calls Me Veruca. Great should be Proud :)