Sunday, March 06, 2011


Thank you everyone for your advice RE: mixing metals. Although I can't see myself committing fully to it anytime soon, I think I should definitely relax when it comes to little things like hardware on shoes or belts. 

This is what I wore today. I went to visit the Apple "geniuses" to pester them about the iPad2 launch this Friday. If an Apple employee says the store won't be getting the shipment until 5 pm, are they blatantly lying for the sake of crowd control? I should offer one of those broke college kids money to stand in line all day and save me a spot...


  1. oh, this is just perfect! i would love to wear this outfit in a heartbeat. and regarding mixing metals, i only mix metals that are brownish/goldish and never silver + gold.. i can't seem to make it work.

  2. Haha, your idea is brilliant and funny at the same time. Your blog and Fleurette's rock.

    And like DF, up here, I'd totally wear this outfit.
    OK, I might stream-line it a little bit more, but that may be why you are chicer than I am.


    -La Copine


  3. Fab outfit as always, love the shirt! Great idea re: the iPad2 launch!

  4. hire me, lol!
    no but great outfit :)

  5. haha you are one of the ipad crazies, huh? you should post an outfit for waiting in line for the new ipad- requirements being somewhere to store your credit card, shoes that make you as tall as possible to see over everyone in line, and something perhaps with pointy studs in case anyone tries to jostle ahead of you :) i really love the cropped pants in this outfit, especially since they show off those great sandals.

  6. Gorgeous outfit!!! Wow!
    About the ipad2, do you need it right away? Because you know the lines are going to be crazy and paying someone to stand in line for you might be expensive!