Saturday, June 09, 2012

easy breezy

Mes Demoiselles top (Joan Shepp/Philly)
Theory cotton shorts
Chloe sandals (Chloe outlet @ Woodbury Commons/NY)

A couple of sale purchases. The sandals were ridiculously cheap. They were the last pair and the display shoe was noticeably darker than the other shoe so I was given an additional discount. I placed the lighter shoe on my windowsill and let it darken under the sun for a few days until they were the same color! Easy. 

The top was also on sale. I don't really mind that it looks like some strange bubble minidress from behind. I've worn it with white jeans and gold sandals out to dinner so it's definitely one of those easy day-to-night type pieces.

I'm still on the hunt for a pair of black sandals since my old Marc Jacobs ones completely fell apart - the heel just broke off! (Drunk dancing mishap - but even in my altered state I had just enough of my wits about me to hack off the other heel and wore them as flats the rest of the evening.) I'm in no rush, though, I can wait and wait and wait until the perfect pair comes along for the perfect price ;-)

Anyone else have sale purchases to brag about?


  1. Your shoes can possibly be repaired by a cobbler. I've had mine completely restore, re-dye, and re-sole things. I like the blouse, I bet it looked really good with white jeans. Interesting sandals too.

    I've had some fortunate secondhand/ebay deals, and I took advantage of the memorial day sales to get white linen pants. I'm waiting for the July sales to scoop up the white jacket and dressier white pants I've been eying.

    1. Unfortunately the shoes are beyond repair. The inside of the heels were made of a soft resin-like material actually. Even if I did nail them back they would break apart again. Ah well, at least I didn't pay full price ;-)

  2. The sandals are amazing!!! You look great as always!

  3. I really like your top. I can imagine that it looked really glamorous and chic with white jeans. It reminds me of 1970s YSL- SO chic.

    A good cobbler can easily fix your heels.

    I scored a pair of black patent Manolo pumps on sale at Bergdorfs yesterday. I've been looking for a pair to replace my work pumps that had seen better days. I love Bergdorf and Barneys shoe sales- so good.

  4. I love this look! The sandals are really cool, what a deal!

  5. Love getting deals! I was hoping to find some more soon. ;)