Sunday, July 19, 2009


apologies for the lack of posts. i hope all of you (in the northern hemisphere) are enjoying summer.

it's nice to get out of manhattan once in a while. even though i was technically within the five boroughs, it felt like a completely different world. sun, sand, salty seawater, cheap drinks, no blackberry service. so relaxing.

and then i see a girl at the local dive bar wearing a shirt fashioned out of a confederate flag and i'm like "get me the f*ck outta here!!" lol. small american towns freak me out a little.

it's good to be back. i hope to get back to regular outfit posting soon.


  1. in palm beach there's parts that is redneck, so you see the big trucks flying huge confederate flags, and mullets!!! eck! id get the heck outta there too if i saw that

  2. Beauitful snapshots. I desperately need a holiday too.

  3. I'm glad you're back and I can't wait for new outfits!

  4. I moved back east from the west coast last year and made it to the Jersey shore for the first time last weekend. My eyes could not stop popping out of my head! Wow....