Wednesday, November 04, 2009

sweater coats

for some reason the weather in philadelphia feels a bit milder than in new york. perhaps because the buildings aren't as tall there aren't as many wind tunnels? call me crazy, but the cold has a little less "bite" here in philly. perfect weather for sweater coats! with temperatures hovering in the 50s and 60s, i have yet to break out a coat. with just a few layers of silk jersey or cashmere (both lightweight fabrics that keep you warm), i can get away with wearing a chunky sweater as my outermost layer. i also throw in a scarf for added warmth, but often find myself unwinding it and sticking it in my bag, especially when the sun is out...

Helmut Lang (by Helmut Lang) pants (from Tokio7/NYC); Rick Owens Lilies zip-up (from Century21/NYC); Rick Owens combo open cardigan (old, from sale); Alaia studded boots (from Bergdorf Goodman clearance); Ann Demeulemeester scarf (from; Elizabeth & James knuckle ring (from Intermix/NYC)

Missoni cardigan (from Filene's Basement/NYC); Autumn Cashmere shirttail hem sweater (from; Kier+J cashmere leggings; Chloe pull-on boots (from DSW Shoes/NYC); extra-long scarf made from two Portolano cashmere scarves from Filene's Basement; Ann Demeulemeester scarf (from; Elizabeth & James knuckle ring (from Intermix/NYC)

now that this blog has been up and running for a couple of seasons, you may have noticed that i use the same items over and over again. i don't like to amass tons of clothing and would rather have a few key pieces than a closet bursting at the seams, so i apologize for the repetition! sometimes it's difficult but i try to resist the temptation of buying clothes for the sake of showing something new on the blog. i will continue to add new pieces here and there, but until then be prepared to see a lot of familiar items!

i got the idea to layer two scarves from Siena Fleming on stylelikeu, it's quite ingenious and something that i'll be doing quite often from now on. i want more scarves! maybe that ought to be my shopping focus this winter...


  1. that is the perfect outfit for the season...what made you choose those colors

  2. i like that you're not about amassing clothing either. i think it is more realistic that way. i like the ombre effect on the missoni sweater coat.

    it's another one of the many reasons i like the paris vogue team because even carine, we see her re-wearing the same pieces.

  3. You totally rock the sweater coats. I've always liked them but for some reason they just look weird on me (or rather, I'm not putting outfits together well) so it's nice to see it done right.

  4. Those studded boots <3
    I love your blog and check it out regularly. THe outfits are so inspiring! Today I eventually started mine))

  5. Koko - this is precisely why I love your blog the most. The fact that you may have less but your outfits say so much more than those who imo seem like they're having a personal style identity crisis.

    I am the same with my wardrobe, I don't have a lot but the things that I do have I LOVE and when I wear them, I feel like me and to me that's the most important thing when it comes to personal style.

  6. i like the variation in a single idea. I believe in signatures as well, that make a carefully edited and well-loved collection.

  7. classy and individual style that stands the test of time, not trendiness and excess - the reason i love this blog!

  8. i love that you keep using the same items, because your outfits always look new. i really admire that, and try to remind myself of it when i'm at century 21 with a cart full of goodies.

    i always read that people typically wear only 20% of their wardrobe. but i think in your case you choose things carefully, and edit your closet down to the essentials, and wear the majority of it. your style always seems so focused- it's really inspiring! ~joelle