Sunday, November 08, 2009

wednesday, november 4th '09

the outfit i wore on my last day of freedom, a.k.a. the day before my first day of work. i really wanted to wear my new drkshdw skirt, which was one of my last purchases in nyc before i moved.


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Autumn Cashmere v-neck sweater (from
Rick Owens Drkshdw skirt (from Century21/NYC)
Balenciaga belt (from eBay)
Chanel moto boots (old, from Barneys clearance - the metal tips fell off!! grr...)
Balenciaga blazer (old, from eBay)
Ann Demeulemeester scarf (old, from

Outfit Details


  1. Take your Chanel boots to Barneys. They will contact Chanel and have it fixed for you. I had a problem with a Lanvin bag and it took about 2 months but I had my hardware replaced. Good luck!

  2. We're fashion twins because I have that exact same skirt and actually wore it today. I love it.
    Did you get it at Century 21? I got mine from them when I was in NY in Sept.

  3. i adore your balenciaga belt!! i'm still just so obsessed with you're miu miu biker boots i've been on the look out on ebay for them forr months...if u come across another pair give me a shout!!!

  4. i hope you can get those chanels fixed, maybe try to find a good cobbler.

    and you have such good luck with ebays/sales/ etc... always liked that bal. belt.

  5. did you know you where my fav. blogger..

  6. those boots are AMAZING. you have such a great style. my ideal closet seems to have all the things in it that you already own. maybe WE'RE fashion twins (ahem, velony, lol). are you enjoying the new digs?