Sunday, May 01, 2011

brighter days

These are without a doubt "man repelling" pants. They are super-wide and balloon-y. But nothing beats a comfortable, loose-fitting pair of linen pants for warmer weather. As long as I wear them with heels they are not so offensive.

Just like newly-minted Duchess Catherine, I too brought out my family jewels yesterday (ha!) I had a choice between a loud belt or a loud necklace - I would never wear both at the same time - and I chose the latter. 

It was finally time to wear sandals! And bags in other colors besides black!

Not looking forward to making a mess and switching out my wardrobe for the new season. I think I'll ignore that task and enjoy the beautiful weather instead... just like I plan on ignoring the enormous bill for dry cleaning my winter coats.

Chloé silk blouse (Chloé outlet @ Woodbury Commons) // 3.1 Phillip Lim linen trousers ( clearance) // Burberry Prorsum sandals ( clearance sale) // Fendi bag // flea market necklace (Greenflea Market/NYC) // inherited pearl and diamond ring

burberry shoes fendi bagvintage necklacepearl diamond ring


  1. What a dreamy outfit, that peach color is soo pretty!! Haha, I think "man-repelling" is on its way to being a standard adjective as "google" is a verb.

  2. I like them! And who needs men :)

  3. I love that "man-repeller" is a common term (at least to fashion lovers). Those pants certainly fit the description, but of course you still manage to look amazing in them.

  4. Great look! Love that bag! I've been debating whether it's time to switch my bag too. :)

  5. Oooooohh, so pretty.
    That silk blouse is a dream.

    Haha, I get the man-repelling related comments from my boyfriend when wearing the harem. I still love them!

    I did do some of the wardrobe switching this weekend and re-visited a pair of Alessandro Dell'Acqua pants that I had no idea how to style.

    What do you think of the outcome in my latest post?


    -La Copine


  6. I love the color coordination between your blouse and bag--it pulls everything together so perfectly!

  7. I love that necklace! I remember seeing it on various outfits in your Stylediary page years ago. It seems to go well with everything!

  8. Haha, i like the look for an easy day. I have almost the same pants in navy. And the man friend likes them. So perhaps not tooo man repelling?
    Or perhaps we are all allowed an off day!
    My feet need to be summer-ized and properly shod in warm weather gear before I bare them to the public! On the hunt for some nice summer sandals; suggestions?

  9. Love these. I probably should investigate linen pants.. I don't like showing my legs and in hot weather I'm pretty much restricted to maxi skirts.

  10. Love the color of that blouse. Warmer weather means I can finally take a field trip to Woodbury Commons