Wednesday, May 04, 2011

the long and short of it

New Theyskens Theory tank. This was never on my radar until I tried it on in store. 100% pima cotton, not too tight, and best of all, I can wear a regular bra with it - not always the case with flimsy summer tops. From Barneys Co-op, Philly.

It is longer in the back than in the front. Unfortunately the side slits are positioned right in the "muffin top" area, but as long as the waistband of my pants don't dig in I'll be fine.

Also, Elke Kramer resin pyramid necklace. The rope-like chain has a summery vibe and I like that the length is easily adjustable. This will be the perfect accessory for the simple dresses I plan on wearing to beat the heat in the summertime. From Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Philly.


  1. That necklace looks quite interesting, I even like the pyramid box it comes in. The "muffin" area LOL! Ironically I liked one of the TheyTheo tees, but since I can "live" without it, if it's around during the big season end sales I'll re-consider. I'm over spending 3 figures on tees. I'm waiting for my TheyTheo piece to arrive in the mail. :)

  2. Love that tank!

  3. I saw that top too and some other items from the Theyskens Theory in real life and now I'm having a change of heart on this collection. I like how all the clothes are cut.

    I was really on the verge of elaborating a cross-Atlantic scheme to get the TT cut in the back jacket that I can't find in Paris or on NAP but I'd prefer to try it first considering the amount of cash it costs.

    So like Prêt, I'll wait for the sales to get my dose of TT.

  4. The top looks cool, and I know what you mean about flimsy summer tops - some brands seem to think that such tops will only be worn on the beach - as if everyone spends summer on the beach.

  5. i was about to comment on your more recent post that i NEED to see more of the necklace. glad you posted it because it is so beautiful (and so is the box it came in!). great shirt as well- i see no evidence of muffin top at all.

  6. Being able to wear a regular bra is one of my fundamental requirements of clothes purchasing. Also, not accentuating the torso flabbage.

    I'm trying not to buy anything for the rest of the year. Or so I keep telling myself, but it's not quite working out. I feel so wasteful :(