Wednesday, February 18, 2009


forgot the exact date, but it was whenever i most recently got a haircut. it must have been on either one of those two random days we had 60 degree weather in nyc, because I don't recall wearing an overcoat.


ITEMS (mouse over to view details)
Alexander McQueen skull print tee
Berkeley cashmere sweater from Filene's Basement
Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo blazer
Les Chiffoniers PVC pants
hammered silver ring from the Met Museum jewelry collection
Miu Miu motorcycle boots

Outfit Details


  1. I've always loved that tee of yours! You're so inspiring Koko, I love it! You inspired me to start my own blog too. I listed your blog as one of my favorites, of course. It's so much more fun than SD, although I will probably still post there too... :) Cheers!

  2. I know we had some freaky weather. It was wonderful.
    Very rocker cool

  3. Just discovered your blog. You have impeccable style! Definitely adding you to my daily reads.

  4. Mentioning your haircut has led me to wonder what *is* your haircut? I'm trying to imagine the haircut of someone with that outfit (which by the by, is gorgeous! I want to steal your blazer).

  5. love that shirt. have you seen the new hummingbird skull version up on browns yet? it's really amazing...

  6. thanks for the kind words everyone!

    pretty face - my hair is long-ish and very thick, so hairdresses always cut into it and add layers to thin it out. it always looks so unruly in pics so i end up putting my hair up! there'll probably be no face pics anytime soon on this blog, i really want it to be about the clothes!

    ash - thanks for the heads up! that tank is awesome, and looks longer, which is my only complaint about the t-shirt, it's a little short. will have to check it out and hope that the u.s. price will be lower.. lol.

  7. LOVE the leggings! I just read through your entire blog and loved it so much I linked you on mine. I listed your site name as "Hey You Get Off Of My Cloud" - let me know if you prefer your blog to have another name :)

  8. You have such a great sense of style.. :) I have linked you.xx

  9. How Rocker Chic! I am loving every piece of this outfit...You a true Rocker and I wish I knew what haircut you got as mysterious! Muahhhz from NYC.

    Maury from