Saturday, February 28, 2009

what i'm NOT wearing today

i love this outfit, i wish i could wear it today but it's still a little too chilly to be walking around in just a blazer. hopefully next weekend? definitely not tomorrow, since it looks like snow... ::sigh::


ITEMS (mouse over to view details)
Balenciaga silk blazer
T by Alexander Wang tee
Prada mohair vest
AG ex-boyfriend shorts
brown Chloe "prince" boots
H&M tights and Soixante Neuf tusk necklace

Outfit Details


  1. your knack for layering is enviable! I love the outfit :)

  2. That's so funny, and it reminds me of my friend today. I was meeting her for shopping but she was 20 minutes late; I got a text saying 'will be late, ill explain when i get there'. I was intrigued. When she arrived, it turns out she'd left the house wearing shorts and tights but realised after 10 minutes of walking that it was way too cold. So she had to take a detour via a friends house to change into some trousers.

    I hope the weather improves so you can wear that gorgeous blazer!

  3. Those AG shorts are great! I just got a pair of Joe's "ex-lover" shorts. What's with all the ex's?

  4. the blazer and the vest are wonderful pieces...and the boots are a wonderful height for walking around.

  5. pretty face - i can totally relate, but the first thing i do before getting dressed is check the weather so it saves me a lot of those sorts of incidents. sometimes i feel like meteorologists are messing with me though, i'll be walking around in rainboots all day and not a single drop of rain will fall...

    closet cupcake - maybe denim companies are imagining that your boyfriend got pissed when you cut up his favorite pair of jeans into some booty shorts so he then became your ex. haha.

    princessimp - yes, the boots are great for walking, but i run down so many shoes from walking around the city! i could probably buy a couple of pairs of louboutins with the amount i spend getting my heels re-done! can i use it as an excuse to buy more shoes so that i alternate among more pairs? hehe.

  6. you are so the queen of layering!!! you have some AMAZING pieces. i love it when you post on tfs so I'm excited to see you blog!!! I'm totally linking you :)

  7. Just love your posts, and your clothes of course!! You have a very European dressing way... and I loved the Prada vest!!!

  8. The mohair vest makes this whole outfit!

  9. I really like this outfit. The cut of the blazer is perfect, the denim shorts are a great length, and the tusk necklace is the most awesome accessory to top it all off!

  10. that a word, glorious!

  11. Hi koko, I accidentally found ng your blog, what a bliss -I really liked your photos in Style Diary, and remembered your name there (it's been well over a year I visitel SD last time).

    Your postings are great, and as your style is so close to my own AND my favourite city of all (except the one in Europe I am living, of course;) is New York , I will definitely be back here again. - Your blog is also a great shopping guide to NY, since I'll be visiting again in May.

    So, thank you for making my Sunday-evening so much fun!