Tuesday, February 10, 2009

latest wardrobe additions

it was shocking how good the sales were this season. i think i bought four pairs on clearance (bergdorf's, barneys) for the price of one of these at full retail.

Lanvin patent black flats
Chanel motorcycle boots
Alaia flat boots
Miu Miu motorcycle boots


i love having small feet!


  1. Lucky lucky girl. I on the other hand have the most popular size feet known to man...37. All those shoes...great investments at any cost. Damn those Miu Miu boots are gorgeous.

  2. Do you still have the Miu Miu boots? Is there any chance you would consider selling them?

    1. Hi! Yes I still own them and wear them. I take the harness off sometimes and wear them just as plain Chelsea boots also. You probably wouldn't want them in their current condition anyway, they're kind of beat up! They do sell separate harnesses for boots sometimes (like Western style) so maybe you could look into that? Sorry =(

  3. I work with fixing shoes so i probably could give them a facelift them if they needed it. I have been looking for theese exact shoes (ebay and such) for years now and cant find them! And no one in Norway, where I'm from, sell Miu Miu:/