Monday, March 02, 2009

sunday, february 22nd '09

didn't leave the house yesterday except to go for a run, but here's what i wore two sundays ago. would have preferred the chanels, but the rainy weather did not permit.



ITEMS (mouse over to view details)
Yohji Yamamoto Noir striped tunic
Les Chiffoniers PVC pants
Hunter "Huntress" wellies
extra long scarf made from two Portolano cashmere scarves
LNA long sleeve tee
cheapo Nila Anthony bag, good for toting around tons of stuff like umbrellas and magazines

Outfit Details

these are the "Huntress" rainboots by Hunter, they have a shorter shaft than the regular Hunter rainboots.


  1. Very much tough country chick. May I ask what you do in NY? In some sort of a creative field I'm guessing.

  2. I love your watch, I love chunky watches in general (I wear one). What company is it made by?

  3. pretty face - my watch is actually a men's watch, i had a lot of links taken out. it's a great watch with nice features, it converts light into energy, has 2 timezones, alarm, water resistant etc. it's the casio g-shock mt-g. i keep meaning to take a closeup of it, i'll try to remember this weekend.

    brook&lyn - no, not creative at all, actually, i work in IT and do random number-crunching projects for the boss when called for, which is why i usually post weekend outfits, since my work outfits are pretty boring - slacks + button-down

  4. I really like the look with the Chanels.