Monday, March 09, 2009

sunday, march 8th '09

what i wore yesterday to frolic in central park and enjoy the warm weather. despite my best effort to scuff them up, these boots still look brand new!


ITEMS (mouse over to view details)
vintage Dior Jeune Homme button-down
Herve Leger high-waisted pants
Prada mohair vest
Miu Miu motorcycle boots
extra long scarf made from two Portolano cashmere scarves

Outfit Details

these pants are one of several fabulous pieces i nabbed for a steal at the Intermix warehouse sale. and doh! i forgot to take a closeup picture of my watch again, i know someone had asked about it.


  1. hey how am I just finding out about your blog!!

    we are shoe twinsies!!! :)

  2. Damn, I wish I found it so hard to scuff up shoes ;) x

  3. ^^ haha, no seriously, i walked through mud when the snow was melting, kick the tips against subway stairs when i'm walking up, let them brush up against escalators when i ride them... to no avail. the leather is still pretty stiff, too, it took about an hour for the chanels to soften up! but i'm not really complaining, i do love them!

  4. I think I walk funny because all my shoes look about a million years old. You made me obsessed with that color scarf. I'm on a mission here.

  5. koko - you would love this girl i think. she reminds me of you with the cool silhouettes and neutrals! check her out when you get a chance.