Sunday, March 22, 2009

just playin'

phew! busy weekend. since i didn't take any pictures this weekend, i thought i'd share this older one from when i was playing around with my new super-soft modal scarf. it's always good to have a store of images to fall back on for those days when you have no clue what to wear! maybe the combination of daylight savings time and boss going on vacation next week will allow me to get home at a decent hour and snap some pictures in natural light (clothes look awful when i use a flash.)


ITEMS (rollover to view detailed picture)
Monrow cotton tee
Autumn Cashmere boyfriend sweater
Balenciaga.Leather pants
Erin Brynie modal scarf
YSL croc print patent Tribtoos
Met Museum hammered silver ring and inherited diamond ring

Outfit Details

i have a new purchase i'm super excited about, it makes me so happy yet it's the simplest thing... i hope i can take pics this week.


  1. Beautiful outfit. Love the pop of blue and I've never seen the ysl in croc!

  2. those shoes are so ... unreal.
    you look wonderful.

  3. You make everything looks so comfortable and chic at the same time. I'm in love with all of your outfits!

  4. I love love your blog, and your fun style.The tribute is fabulous... LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. BTW I just linked you.

  5. love the blue!! And i know what you mean about searching for the perfect really is a neverending quest, although that Monrow version looks pretty yummy

  6. Eryn Brinie is LOVE:) Currently one of my most favorite stores.