Friday, August 28, 2009

sale success

Current/Elliot ripped skinnies - $19
Current/Elliot cropped zipper jeans - $19
Theory "tubular" tank (absolutely love these, they retail for $105) - $19
Kimberly Ovitz off-the-shoulder tee - $19
Stella McCartney cashmere blend pants - $19
Prps denim booty shorts which i would never in my life pay retail ($285!!!) for - $19
RED Valentino skirt (reminds me of Alaia) - $19
fingerless lace gloves - $9.80 (the only taxed item)
+ an extra 20% off for purchasing 8+ items

GRAND TOTAL: $114.24

did i do well or WHAT!!! get thee to the Intermix warehouse sale, 18th st. bet. 6th & 7th aves. all bottoms (and they really do mean ALL bottoms) are $19.


  1. what the heck??!!!!!!!! you did awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow...what great deals! You did more than well. I'm so jealous.

    I really want a pair of those Current/Elliott ripped skinnies, but alas, I know I'm not going to get good prices like these (even at their factory sale, which I missed recently).

  3. oh i bought those stella pants too!! they were practically giving stuff away at the sale - loveee it haha

  4. EVERYTHING was $19 towards the end of the sale. Thanks to a visit to your site at 3pm, I went and swept up 23 pieces. HOLLA. Grand total $303.

  5. after seeing this, i made a pitstop there but they had NO skinny jeans left sadly!

    but i did manage to snag a pair of the les chiffoniers patent PVCC leggings for $19..and i got another pair to sell :P

  6. whoa, I'm stunned. And a bit jealous.