Sunday, August 23, 2009

summer night


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Martin Margiela miniskirt (from Century21)
Vivienne Westwood Red Label cotton drape top (from Century21)
Prada quilted evening bag (old, from eBay)

Outfit Details

would have loved to wear my ysl tribtoo pumps, but one of my tackiness-prevention tactics is to not wear super high heels with miniskirts (except maybe in colder weather, with tights.) i ended up wearing a pair of lanvin flats, which was kind of a mistake because it was really hot and patent leather is not the most forgiving when your feet swell up. oh well, live and learn...


  1. I love the drapery. Looks comfotable, too.

  2. Your shirt looks so nicely draped.

  3. i've always loved loose top.
    and you look quite elegant in this one! great taste..

  4. great combo--stylish and easy for combating the dreadful heat.

  5. ooh that might be the most perfectly draped top, I'm really loving it