Sunday, September 05, 2010


so sorry for the lack of updates. i blame a combination of work deadlines,
busy weekends, family functions (i have another to attend later on today),
and general ennui with the way i've been dressing this summer.

i feel like i've gained a couple of pounds with all these family functions and
the mountains of food everywhere, so loose and billowy clothing has been my
choice for the past few weekends. i dug up this old knit dress from my
StyleDiary days.



the dress is still in great shape. for as long as i can remember, i've been
using Cheer detergent with Colorguard (i think it's now called Cheer for Dark
Colors.) it helps prevent my dark clothes from fading. in case you care.

the weather seems to be turning and work is slowing down a little, so i hope
to be back to more regular posting soon!

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
KA7 by Katayone Adeli dress (super old, from Barneys/NYC)
Charles David "Bryden" boots (from
Hermes collier de chien cuff
Vanessa Bruno classic tote bag

Outfit Details


  1. It's hard to feel so stylish when it's just so hot. I like the drapey sweater tunic/dress. I wore a dark grey merino batwing sweater yesterday that I dug out from my "storage" (duffel bag on the floor).

  2. lol @ pret's storage.

    i love the big sweater. i bought a dress for $8 at h&m. pulled it out the other day to find a slew of wrinkles and realized i was not going to iron it and stuffed it back in the drawer. lol. laziness fail.

    in any event, i bet it was comfortable. i have not noticed any fading in my clothing using all, but i did ruin a batch of lighter colors, probably due to a red sock that slipped into my p. press load. may try cheer.

    i'm not one for short shorts and big shirts and heels combo, so i have found myself clad in jeans and tees more times than i can count this summer as i was told the heat is more harsh if on bare skin vs covered skin. mostly just tried to camp out on my bed next to the a/c. :)
    nice boots!

  3. I'm feeling the same way and have been living in my billowy Complex Geometries tops. You look great, though! Funny how we can notice a few extra lbs on ourselves that no one else ever notices.

  4. You look great koko! I love those booties! Soo cute!

  5. i love the dress! the cut out in the back gives it a little extra something special. it's cute with those boots.

    god i totally know how you feel about needing the baggy clothes. i have gained so much weight lately i need to wear a tent at all times. ~joelle

  6. I got totally crazy about Your new suede boots! Perfect combination with the black, oversized knit.

  7. ah, the dreaded family function. The only time you eat more is during exams or on vacation. The dress is wicked and looks effortless