Sunday, September 26, 2010

problem solver



all in all a good outfit choice for a day that was neither hot nor cold, sunny nor rainy. it is my belief that a good trench coat will solve 90% of outfit issues (this particular issue being -> i didn't want my a** hanging out on display but it was too warm to wear tights.) just throw a trench over it!

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
vintage Dior Jeune homme shirt (super old, from eBay)
McQ leather shorts (from
Alexander McQueen trench coat (super old, from
Alexander McQueen viking warrior skull ring (from
vintage Hermes collier de chien cuff
Charles David boots (from

Outfit Details


  1. amazing think it's possible/rational to have a seamstress/tailor duplicate an item so that i don't have to go hunting for 10 copies that will be nowhere near as good? if so...please send me aforementioned shirt, lol.
    i like how you wore the shorts here. perfect.

  2. such an amazing combo! love the way you pair the classic trench with a pair of edgy leather shorts!!

  3. Hello :D New post, check out my blog!! and enjoy :) xo

  4. I love this combination! those micro shorts with the striped oxford. just wonderful