Tuesday, December 07, 2010

cashmere queen

when it's cold outside, i love to drape myself in cashmere head-to-toe (down to my socks!) cashmere keeps you warm but it's lightweight so it doesn't add a lot of bulk. i often find that a good thin cashmere sweater can provide as much (or even more) warmth as a bulkier wool one. it can be quite expensive so i'm always on the lookout for sample sales and online deals. now is a great time to stock up on cashmere - i've been getting a lot of email blasts about cashmere blowout sales from discount sites like gilt, hautelook, and ruelala, and tons of sample sale alerts in NYC.

chloe boots, cashmere sweater

however, if money is no object, i suggest picking up one of each style in every color of La Garconne's new cashmere sweater line, Lou. they all look perfect, you will not need to buy anything else all winter. if you do stock up on these don't even tell me about it, i will be insanely jealous!

ITEMS (mouse over description to view item detail)

- Autumn Cashmere shirttail hem sweater
- vintage apron (Vagabond/Philly)
- Kier&J cashmere leggings
- Portolano ruffle hem cashmere wrap (overstock.com)
- Portolano cashmere gloves (Filene's Basement/NYC)
- Chloe Paddington boots (yoox.com)
thrifted skirt


  1. you look so warm! i love the idea of cashmere everything. I also like a silk cashmere blend (mostly silk) for cold-but-not-quite-arctic weather. The same softness, but even lighter weight.

  2. I just can't get with cashmere and got rid of all it except for one piece. A grey, black chevron stripe scarf from Express of all places that's going on 6 years strong. (It reminded me of this missoni sweater I had seen at the time) I'm more of a merino wool girl, cashmere is too precious for my life.

  3. looks incredibly cozy. i like the apron; it's such an unexpected touch. cashmere is quite delicate and i find that the upkeep can be a bit much. the salmon/orange colored cashmere shirt i had was shrunk in the wash (oops) and once i realized i HAD to dry clean it, it became a nuisance!
    but if money were no object then i'd totally do it. perhaps i'd buy men's items and pre-shrink those, lol. i think, like pret, that i'd likely be more of a wool girl (darnit). just need to find some soft pieces.

  4. Ah yes, most people consider cashmere to be high-maintenance.

    However, dry cleaning chemicals are actually pretty harsh as well. I stick my cashmere in mesh bags, wash in the washer in cold water under delicat cycle, and most importantly, hang dry (don't stick them in the dryer!)

    Same goes for wool. So far I've had no problems with this method.

  5. I'm a sucker for cashmere too!

  6. Cashmere leggings sounds too idyllic to be true! I hate you more than ever now xxx

  7. I wish I could wear cashmere all winter long.Love Your look as always.