Saturday, December 04, 2010

no fuss

i'm back! a little bit worse for wear. with the exception of this morning's run i haven't worked out since Thanksgiving and i'm starting to feel sluggish and puffy. i plan to go back to my regular workout schedule this week, but in the meantime there's nothing a good chunky sweater can't hide!

prada sweater, chanel purse

now all i need is a battle plan against that one co-worker (i'm sure there's at least one in every company in America) who turns into Martha Stewart during the holidays and brings in batches of baked goods every day until Christmas...

Dolce & Gabbana shirt (Filene's Basement/NYC) // Prada ribbed cashmere sweater (eBay) // Helmut Lang by Helmut Lang cropped pants (Tokio7 consignment/NYC) // Christian Louboutin rollerball studded loafers (eBay) // Chanel quilted purse


  1. hurray, you're back!
    great outfit as usual. the sweater looks so cozy!!

  2. Oh those Martha Stewart types in the office... they can never take no for an answer!!

  3. @SK: ha, i know. i'm pretty sure it's a battle i'm never going to win. maybe i'll just give in and worry about it in the new year?

  4. that sweater looks perfect! as does the rest of your outfit:;)

  5. I like the ribbed texture of the sweater. I have a solution to your cookie problem, send the cookies to me ;P I eat sweets like it's my last day on earth. Either way, it's acceptable to have a bit of "holiday plump."

  6. omg i die for that shoes.

    and loe your bag. i have three chanel bags i must post them asap.

    maybe next week when i will finally be home for xmas.

    love your blog.
    check mine :) if you like follow me and i will follow you.


  7. Beautiful outfit as always!

  8. You never go wrong. The visible collar underneath warm, cozy sweater is too perfect.