Sunday, December 05, 2010

unconditional love

rick owens drkhdw

. this coat weighs a ton.
. during winter it resides on my couch most of the time because at the end of the day i don't have the superhuman strength required to hang it back up in the closet.
. before taking the coat on or off i first i have to take out any chunky watches or bracelets because otherwise my wrist won't go through the narrow sleeve.
. i can't hang it in the back of chairs at nice restaurants because if i stand up, the chair will tip over without me as a counterweight.
. i have to tip coat check attendants extra because i feel guilty for making them struggle.
. my sister thinks i look like the grim reaper when i wear it.
. a lady on the street once offered to buy the coat off my back because apparently it's the perfect winter maternity coat.

despite all this, i love this coat. i wouldn't have it any other way.

rick owens drkshdw

DRKSHDW fur-lined druid hood sweatshirt (Century21/NYC) // Rick Owens cashmere poncho (Barneys sale/NYC) // Rick Owens cashmere pants ("$100 or less" rack at Joan Shepp/Philly) // Karoo cashmere tunic (found in my closet at my parents' place) // Chanel biker boots (Barneys sale/NYC) // Hermes cuff // American Apparel cotton mock turtleneck


  1. The part about not being able to put in on the back of chairs made me laugh out loud! lol!
    By the way, I am wearing the t by alex wang criss cross bra in my latest post. Apparently, I wore it the wrong way (I just realized) but it's ok. And I did remember your helmut lang blazer!
    P.S. I love those boots!

  2. whoa!! That is one intense coat! But it is amazing, I love the "druid" hood. It reminds me of those creatures in star wars that wore the hooded robes and had gold eyes. Between you and Divinitus it is a temptation I don't need as hoodies, even really cool ones, don't really have a place in my wardrobe.

  3. I knew Pret was going to like that coat:) It is the freaking jam! love that hood

  4. wow,Chanel biker boots...Your shoes collection is driving me crazy:)

  5. Who needs Jillian Micheal's DVD with this puppy. I bet you get a great workout. But all in all it looks awesome! I envy people that live where it is super cold. They get to wear the coolest most fashionable outfits. Here is Texas we'd be sweating in that coat. But all I can get away with is a Balenciaga leather jacket and Rick Owens pieces. Because of our mild weather. Beautiful piece. Congrats! Never get rid of it.

  6. love that fur-ry version.

    a propos that pregnancy lady -- sometimes i feel "if you dont know who is ro, you can not wear ro" ... lol ;)

  7. that hood is phenomenal - i'm not sure why you ever bother to take the coat off. love it.


  8. i've always loved this coat. i think it's one of the best ones i've seen, mostly because of the fur and the hood. there aren't very many coats that can cover my melon of a head, but this definitely looks like it'd fit the bill!
    this also caught my eye ( but it seems less practical than this one.

  9. The coat is amazing and looks so warm. Such drama!
    I do have a few coats I can't put on the back of chairs, haha. But none this cool. I should save up for one super dramatic cool coat.


    - The Girl at the Atelier's

  10. Definitely see the grim reaper reference but all the better. A perfect don't-mess-with-me for those cold winters when you just want to get home!

  11. This hoodie is glorious in its awesome, giant, oversized hoodie-ness. I have the summer version, sans fur, and I love it. The oversized hood feels like a shield against the world!

  12. that really is the best coat, check out that side profile. that is my method of judging whether a coat is TOO heavy or not, if it cannot hang on a chair, it will most definitely make my shoulders ache.

    ARRRG I regret selling those boots so much! I was so bummed when the little toe silver metal pieces fell off though. I still look for them on eBay.... *face palm*

  13. You forgot to mention that you can smuggle watermelons in the hood. That, for me, is a key selling point :)

  14. That looks so amazingly warm, and the way it wraps around you like a cocoon..ugh I'm jealous! I always stayed away from clothes that created too large of a silhouette because I'm so small but this looks so perfect for winter!

  15. wowowowow I wish I lived so close to so much Rick Owens on sale! That fur-lined jacket is TO DIE FOR. Major jealousy ensues!