Sunday, December 26, 2010

sale stress

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I should be back to my regular outfit posting after New Year's. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few looks from - I was pleasantly surprised to see how great their styling is! The site is not part of my regular online stalking rotation since I just wait for everything to get dumped onto the following season (they are run by the same parent company) but they are having a good sale right now. Granted, even on sale any one of these ensembles could set you back thousands of dollars, but they sure are nice to look at!

outfit inspiration

best lookbook

I've been snowed in since this morning so I've been busy checking all the online sales. It's a little overwhelming - I have to narrow down my choices from hundreds of "wants" to about 2 or 3 actual purchases. So far I've shown some restraint but any more snow days and I'll be in big trouble. I hope all of you have better luck whittling down your sale choices!


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  2. I especially like the looks in the 2nd collage (all black big surprise ;P). Some of the looks in the 1st set remind me of pieces you already have.

    I'm not going to go crazy @ the sales, the malls are one big chaotic mess. Next year the plan is to buy less and not get sidetracked w/ other purchases and stick to the items I REALLY want and have less of a chance to find again. I'm going for my velvet slippers since I've noticed the maker keeps jacking up the prices.

  3. It's definitely the best shopping time with all the sales on.But...I am already prepared for smart shopping with the "must-have"list in my hands and I will stick to this list no matter what:)
    I really want to avoid random,stupid purchases during sales ( at least I will try:)

  4. thanks for the recommendation. i hadn't seen that site yet. love your pics.

  5. I've been searching the online sales too.. and even though there are a lot of pieces I wouldn't mind possessing, I'm not tempted to buy at all. I even saw a great A.P.C. blazer on theoutnet in my size reduced from 400 euros to 100 euros.. I almost bought it in Paris last season.. I hope you won't get sidetracked!

  6. I've never heard of this site before!! Thanks for sharing :D

  7. I had no idea thecorner and yoox were linked
    Thanks for that bit of information