Wednesday, November 24, 2010

à bientôt

boyfriend jeans

this is certainly not the most scintillating outfit picture to leave you with for the Thanksgiving holiday, but there you have it, this is what i wore last sunday.

i'll be logging off and taking a break from the blog for a few days. i'll be spending time with my family, catching up with friends, eating way too much food, and maybe starting my Christmas shopping (let's see if i can resist buying things for myself!)

also, i took a cue from Dead Fleurette (hope she doesn't mind!) and recently started a tumblr to archive images i find inspiring.

for those in the US, enjoy the holiday and try not to get trampled during Black Friday sales. i'll be back in a few days with some brand spankin' new outfits. or, a more likely scenario, i'll be back with the same old, same old...

Martin Margiela nude body - what an awesome winter layering piece! ( // Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans (Third Street Habit/Philly) // Rag & Bone t-shirt (Barneys Co-op) // thrifted Calvin Klein collection navy blazer (Housing Works Thrift/NYC)


  1. I wish I looked this good in slouchy jeans + tee + blazer. Enjoy the holiday

  2. Great tumblr, I'm following you!
    And this is such a perfect outfit.. something i'd LOVE to wear every day.. The jacket is perfect, the tee is perfect and the jeans are perfect.. pure perfection (but still effortless...). I've always thought that only supertall models can pull off this kind look.. (I've never thought that I could ever approximate this look un ..) but you somehow prove the opposite. So.. there's hope for me too, haha! You have a fantastic skill to dress for your proportions!

    Happy thanksgiving from Oslo :)

  3. Lovely outfit like always! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. OMG, one of the most perfect outfits ever!
    I love Your tumblr, and following, of course:)
    Happy thanksgiving from Copenhagen:)

  5. While not quite as chic, this was my midterm 'look' lol. I saw that margiela bodysuit on yoox and scrolled right on by the price. With the holiday approaching, I can mostly just look. :-(. Looks like you're enjoying perusing the sales! Have a happy thxgiving. Mine will be spent at work and with my nose in a book. Poo.

  6. love this style

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  7. perfect outfit!
    I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!;)

  8. it may be just a tee and jeans, but somehow it looks a million times better on you than it does on most. i hope you had a fun holiday break! and i'm off to check out your tumblr.. ~joelle

  9. i just LOVE your blog great taste in clothes,keep posting im really enjoying it,check out our blog and let as know what you think

  10. hope you had a good thanksgiving.
    love slouchy jeans