Wednesday, November 10, 2010

shine on

my camera is crap. (maybe Santa can do something about that for Christmas?) fortunately photo-editing software makes up for some of its inadequacies. the "softglow" filter on GIMP salvaged this outfit picture by making it appear way more well-lit than it actually was.

chanel jacket, chanel purse

i should also explain that i will be neglecting all my other boots until i wear these in to the perfect amount of slouchiness. it might take a couple of weeks.

p.s. i also updated the archive; the original was getting a bit unwieldy so i split it into fall/winter and spring/summer.


  1. So funny, I just realized I bought the same boots from Daffys when I was in NY in Sept. Only mine are chocolate brown smooth leather. I wasn't sure about buying them at first but the quality of the leather, the fact that they are Italian and the comfiness convinced me. Now I'm glad that I did because I wear them all the time.

    Fab outfit btw!

  2. I love all-black outfits! You do it with such sophistication and attention to detail. <3

  3. Hey! That leggings suggestion was wonderful, thanks so much! I'm going to try to pull the proportions off but I fear I shall fail in the face of K.Moss. Anyhoo, niiiice boots; are they super comfy? I'm convincing myself still that I don't need ANYmore shoes.