Sunday, November 21, 2010


there aren't enough weekends in autumn to wear all of my favorite jackets; pretty soon it'll be time to hide beneath thick wool coats. i solve this dilemma by preparing a "script" for my day and writing in as many wardrobe changes as possible.

... first, an early morning coffee run ...

alexander mcqueen scarf, miu miu boots
Les Chiffoniers leather pants // SHIRT by CP Shades flannel shirt // 3.1 Phillip Lim chunky cardigan // Alexander McQueen pashmina // Tres Fluo leather bag // Miu Miu harness motorcycle boots

... later in the afternoon, making the rounds in thrift and consignment stores to console myself for not being in NYC for Lanvin x H&M. i briefly considered jumping on Amtrak for a day trip but that would have been silly seeing as i'll be heading home on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. i'm sure all of the good stuff will be gone by then. oh well, you win some, you lose some ...

alexander mcqueen tshirt, les chiffoniers

chanel jacket, louis vuitton stephen sprouse scarf
Alexander McQueen sharp-shouldered tee // Chanel jacket // Hermes collier de chien cuff // Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse leopard scarf // Charles David suede boots

... and finally, an evening look ...

alexander mcqueen scarf
Costume National silk jacket // Alexander McQueen pashmina // suede boots from Daffy's


  1. no matter how many times I see the McQueen sharp shouldered tee on you, I still take in a little breath. so perfectly simple and striking.

  2. I love them all!!! And I agree with minor keys. That mcqueen tee is amazing!

  3. Wait, are you wearing the pashmina as a dress? That's so cool!

  4. your blog is definitely be my most favorite blog out of all others in the universe : )
    always love the McQueen !a

  5. Love how you evolve the look subtly but distinctly. Wish I had the patience to go through all my clothes like that....they would be so much less neglected.

  6. i quite like the script idea. now, to find things to actually put on a script, lol. i like the second look most of all! i haven't seen much, but the lanvin x h&m collection seems to have left many underwhelmed. perhaps you'll come home to find some cool stuff anyhow? rumi of fashiontoast has some photos up of a fluffy dress she got from the presentation. i'm no gossip girl sooooo...pass. :)
    btw, is that a NON-STARBUCKS cup of coffee??? *horror*