Thursday, November 04, 2010

too long; didn't read

ah, so tired. today is the first time this week i didn't come home from work only to do more work! t.g.i.f. tomorrow, that's all i'm sayin.

Theory button-down shirt // Theory pants // vintage leather jacket // Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse scarf // Lanvin shoes (not to be confused with the errant Lanvin ballet flat in the corner! ;-)

i thought i might take advantage of this (most welcome) downtime to answer some recent questions...

Q: why are your weekend outfits so different from your work week? do you work in a conservative environment? i work in education, and i must admit to loving my work week outfits so much more than my weekend outfits. so it is surprising to me to see one of my fav fashion bloggers (::blushing::) have the complete opposite experience.

A: i'm an engineer, and yes we do have a dress code, although it's not very strict. i pretty much interpret it as "shirts with collars + no jeans." i'm totally okay with dress codes. it's like back in the day when i had to wear a school uniform - everyone else complained, but i loved it. that's an extra 15 minutes of sleep when you don't have to think about what to wear! i think a Devil Wears Prada sort of situation where i had to look chic everyday (Paris Vogue team, i'm lookin at you) would be a nightmare actually. i have to commute outside of the city for work, so when i'm stumbling in the darkness of the early morning, the last thing i want to do is come up with a cute outfit. it's not everyone's cup of tea, but i take comfort in the fact that all i have to do is pick out trousers and a button-down shirt and i'm out the door. i know i'll always have the weekend to wear whatever i want, just like those precious "first fridays" at school when you didn't have to wear your uniform. it's probably also why i'm generally overdressed for the quotidian things i do on the weekends. there's another advantage to having separate wardrobes - i extend the life of my weekend clothes by not wearing them so often. all the clothes i love would be in dire condition by now if i wore them as often as my work clothes. everyone's situation is different of course, but i don't feel like my self-expression and creativity are stifled by boring work wear. if anything, unless you work in fashion, when someone's handing you a paycheck every week you want to be known for your work not your flair. as you can tell from my latest post, i'm into this whole fashionista-secret-identity thing... i don't think my co-workers would recognize me if they saw me on the weekends! luckily the chances of that happening are slim to none, as they are probably holed up in their basements all weekend playing World of Warcraft, not partying in the city. lol. love you, nerds.


  1. Koko!! I gave you the "I love your blog" prize on my blog. Hope you'd like to post the entry on your blog and answer the questions :) I'd love to read your answers!

    xx Fleurette!

  2. Yea I totally know what you mean. I've never had to wear uniforms for anything and always thought I would hate the idea but now, SOMETIMES..I wish I could wear uniforms to work haha. Going into the Conde Nast building on a day where I just didn't want to put in effort into my outfit always makes me feel bad once I see all the fancy and chic ladies in the elevators with me.

  3. You summed it all up so well. For work, I stick to a more "capsule" wardrobe, which means it takes me 2 minutes to pick out an outfit in the morning. I usually don't mix my work clothes into my casual because unless I'm indoors all day it's usually too hot. I think the Paris Vogue team are more "realistic." They re-wear things and stick to a largely all black wardrobe. It's the american and italian counter parts that seem more to be about NEW NEW NEW clothes.

    That leather jacket of yours is awesome.

  4. Just read your answer now and I really like this sort of posts that you occasionally do! I Agree with pret a porter p, Paris vogue team is way more realistic than the American one, haha! And oh, I like that you talk about extending the life of your weekend garments.. I used to think that the only way I could extend the life of my clothes is to have more clothes.

  5. You're totally right about trashing your clothes - I have no dress code ever and my clothes do get ruined so easily, wearing them every day, although I will maintain that the main culprit for damaged clothes is parties, not work.

    I find your style so interesting because you're the only person I've come across with such a 'dual' style, it reminds me of Jekyll and Hyde! I guess maybe it allows fashion for you to be more of a passion/hobby than just a case of clothing your body? xxx

  6. I'm starting to adopt this attitude. I want to wear fun things to work, but the idea of just grabbing something basic and shaving time off my morning routine is really appealing. However, it would mean getting out of my apartment on the weekends and going out. Tough decision :D

  7. wow! i can't believe you answered my question (and now i am one who is blushing).

    since originally posting my question and now since seeing your response, i have started to rethink my own clothing selections. i think i gravitate towards trendier pieces which also happen to be the 1st that i donate when doing spring cleaning. but lately, i'm feeling that i need to invest in timeless (with a trend twist)....maybe it will be my 2011 new year's resolution!

    again, thanks for answering!


  8. i love the fashionista secret identity concept, lol. i quite like your work outfits and find that, while they may be more 'conformist' than your weekend looks, they are no less interesting. there is always a play on detail and fit/cut which i think can also be a challenge since being stylish AND following the dress code are rarely convergent.