Sunday, October 31, 2010

le week-end

my traveling outfit this past weekend:

rick owens boots,cos sweater
COS sweater (from Ytligheter via // vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarf (from Addiction Consignment Boutique/Philly) // Balenciaga leather pants (from // Rick Owens boots (from

vintage ysl scarf

i just wanted to thank all of you, my readers, for letting me indulge in my love of fashion with this blog. none of my friends or family know about this blog, so it's kind of my little secret. in the middle of a stressful work week or after a crazy weekend, i really look forward to those few minutes when i get to slow things down and morph into my alter-ego, miss fashion blogger. blogging is never a chore for me, and when i wear an outfit i love, it's even better knowing that i get to share it with you guys. i update as often as i can, and i hope you'll come back after any short breaks in blogging due to the upcoming holidays and life in general.

it's time once again to log off and return to normal life. i think i'll ignore all the cleaning and unpacking and re-packing (might be heading up to NYC again this weekend!) that have to get done and watch a movie instead - i just received I am Love from Netflix, very excited!

have a great week, everybody!!


  1. even though i don't comment often, i am always following + admiring your outfits. i love that you don't buy 'trendy' pieces, but rather, items that you seem to really love + wear often. in a sea of fashion bloggers, that is truly refreshing.

    but i must ask -- why are your weekend outfits so different from your work week? do you work in a conservative environment? i work in education, and i must admit to loving my work week outfits so much more than my weekend outfits. so it is surprising to me to see one of my fav fashion bloggers have the complete opposite experience.

    anyway, keep on blogging. and maybe we'll bump into each other on one of your visits back to nyc!


  2. Interesting scarf, I like how it ties together the other colors in your ensemble.

  3. love the color and fit of that sweater. my traveling clothes are usually sweats and those man-moccasins, you're almost as chic as me ;) teehee

  4. thanks for sharing your style. you're a great inspiration on how to build a wardrobe piece by piece.

    what is your process for creating new outfit combinations? i don't have a very large wardrobe, yet i often forget i own certain pieces.

  5. Well I am sure if your family knew they'd be proud...You are a getaway from the Blah of our lives. Your humor and your amazing sense of style gets some of us inspired and gets us through the day.You are like a great magazine that we can't wait to get home to read. Right Ladies?? So! You are like Kato! The masked crusader :) We won't tell TEE HEE!

  6. The Rick Owens are fantasic! I love how you mix high-low brands. Your outfits are always so creative and unexpected. So don't worry, I'll be there whenever you get back to us!

  7. perfect scarf! don't thank us- you're such an inspiration!

  8. i've never commented before, but i've been with you since the stylediary days. i gotta say that you inspire me to wear things i usually wouldn't, so thanks! (i'm getting ready to break out my leather leggings at work this week...)

  9. Thank YOU for sharing your outfits with us!!! It's great inspiration!!
    Also, I love those boots soo much!

  10. That scarf, what a find! It goes with the camel colored sweater so well.

    Also love your Carmen costume, haha..I haven't thought about that show in years!

  11. Wow, COS is in da house:)Boots amazing, as usual. You are very inspiring!

  12. love love love that scarf! thats what i miss the most about philly..consignment stores!!! i hope you're doing well. let me know when you are in ny so we can catch a meal! :)