Sunday, October 31, 2010

where in the world is...


...Carmen Sandiego?!!!

the only thing i had to buy was a cheap hat from a street vendor - now that's my kind of Halloween costume! a surprising number of people were able to guess who i was, although most had to go back in time to elementary school to jog their memories.

i hope everyone had a great Halloween! i had a blast in the city of ___ ____ - well, you should all be able to track down Carmen Sandiego from the hints above ;-)


  1. Carmen Sandiago was a HUGE part of childhood! That must have contributed to my love of trench coats today.

  2. such an incredible costume! i didn't celebrate at all, but wanted to be rollergirl...with a fro! i loved carmen sandiego

  3. I was carmen sandiego one year in high school
    Unfortunately not a single person knew who she was