Sunday, October 10, 2010

mais il fait chaud encore

it is slightly cooler today, but it was definitely summer weather yesterday. it was so warm i didn't really need the shrug but i refuse to get dressed in october (it's october!) without layers...


the Gucci belt bag was purchased back in high school, on a trip to Italy. i guess i was more logo-conscious back then. i don't use it that much anymore, but sometimes it's convenient to have both hands free - like when i'm at a farmer's market or rummaging through a thrift store, which is exactly what i did yesterday.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
Alternative Apparel tank top
Rick Owens Lilies tiered jersey cardigan (super old, from sale)
Paula Frani chiffon skirt with high slits (super old, from Daffy's/NYC)
Charles David boots (from
Gucci belt bag (super old, from Gucci/Italy)
Outfit Details


  1. I always thought that gucci one was the only acceptable fanny pack. lol!

  2. Ah we had an amazingly summery week-end in Paris too! I couldn't bring myself to wear flip-flops and bustier dresses like some of my fellows. Instead I wore shorts on bare legs but they were tweed...You have to respect the season. It is October! :))

  3. seriously what is going on with this weather? i'm not complaining but it is bizarre to be able to wear shorts in october. anyway i love that skirt. i think it will be nice with dark tights when it actually feels like october. ~joelle

  4. You look great! And the weather is just awful! I'm still wearing shorts and tees :(

  5. i like that you paired this with boots. such a lovely skirt deserves a bit of aggression.

  6. love your skirt,with the boots it´s really trendy

  7. Oui, oui. Il fait chaud aussi a Nashville. C'est nul! J'adore l'automne.

  8. Yeah, what's up with this crazy weather? I wore a wool sweater last week and now it's in the 80s again. I'm ready for fall.

  9. Oh man! I was just thinking about how much I miss my Gucci fannypack. I gave it to my mom but am thinking I should "borrow" it back :)

    That skirt always slays me everytime you post it. So hot.

  10. Gawd, I miss Daffy's. I was in Philly over the summer and dragged my sister into one, but she couldn't deal with my bargain hunting ways! This is one my favorite outfits on you, by the way :)