Wednesday, October 27, 2010


it's still too warm for thick, chunky scarves here on the east coast (we almost reached the record high of 80F today), but at least this type of weather gives me the opportunity to display some great detailing on my fall jackets, like these cross-straps on my Helmut Lang blazer.

louboutin studded rollerball

helmut lang, les chiffoniers

et voilà, all strapped in!

helmut lang, les chiffoniers, louboutin rollerball

(actually it was slightly too warm even for a jacket last sunday when i wore this outfit, but sometimes you have to suffer a little for fashion, no? ;-)

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
- Helmut Lang (original, pre-Theory, by Mr. Helmut Lang) strap tank (old, from eBay)
- Helmut Lang (original, pre-Theory, by Mr. Helmut Lang) cross-strap blazer (old, from eBay)
- Les Chiffoniers seamed pant (old, from Intermix warehouse sale/NYC)
- Christian Louboutin "rollerball" studded loafers (from eBay)
- assorted rings
louboutin rollerball studded


  1. It's still 86 here and it's almost November, so I can only wear my blazers indoors, so they are lost to me as "casual" wear. Those shoes are AWESOME! So is that blazer.

  2. ahhh, those shoes. so beautiful. it was nearly 75 last night. i was in short sleeves with the top open...WHAT is going on...
    anyhoo, it's definitely always nice to see a good blazer on display, and those criss cross straps are quite cheeky, but in the best way. :)

  3. That blazer is hot! Love the straps! You have the most amazing pieces of clothing ever!

  4. Those shoes are so, so, soooo unbelievably awesome.

  5. beautiful shoes. i love them.

  6. Damn - those shoes are FIERCE!! Blown away.

  7. Ahh Helmut Lang's old collections were amazing! I'm in admiration before this awesome blazer! It's so wonderful!

  8. Yes, the loafers all the way.

  9. Cool look!

  10. oh wow i think i need those studded shoes. ahhhhhhh

  11. Fierce look and theses loafers...I die.

  12. I would love a pair of the roller studded CL's in boot form.

    The Black Queen


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