Sunday, January 16, 2011

better late than never

chanel boots, ann demeulemeester jacket

chanel boots, leather pants

I've had this coat for many years but I don't wear it often because it's about two sizes too big. I remember the day I bought it. I was running around the department store with my mother growing increasingly frustrated that none of the coats fit (this was back in the day when shopping online was still a rarity for me, and also I probably weighed less than 100 lbs.) Finally I bought this one out of desperation. Needless to say, once I found a petite coat a few seasons later this one just hung in the closet, sad and forlorn. Fortunately I never got rid of it because I recently discovered (thanks to Phosphene's most recent look, in which she layers a jacket underneath a winter coat) that I can comfortably fit a blazer or a jacket inside. I love the slim fit of my JCrew coat but I would never be able to wear anything more substantial than a thin sweater underneath. I'm very happy now that I don't have to give up my beloved jacket collection during winter! And also somewhat miffed that I didn't discover this sooner...

Ann Demeulemeester moto jacket (Bergdorf Goodman/NYC) // Balenciaga leather pants ( // Ann Demeulemeester scarf ( // Chanel motorcycle boots (Bergdorf Goodman/NYC) // self-shredded tee and James Perse black t-shirt // Via Spiga coat

ann demeulemeester jacketbalenciaga leatherann demeulemeester scarf chanel boots


  1. i have about 2 coats that are 2 sizes too big just for that purpose!!! jackets/blazers are no longer just for the fall/spring season :D

    unfortunately, i didn't go to the lanvin/H&M opening in the city!!! i was so sad!!! but i did hear that if you go to some of the h&M in the city that there are "last call" racks were you can find some lanvin dresses!!!

    i hope you're doing well!

  2. Do you have a closeup of that coat? The buckles(...?) are so intriguing. It's beautiful, good that it survived any clean-outs. I like the added texture of the grey shredded tee. It just occurred to me that leather bottoms are a signature of yours. You wear them well!

  3. You know, I've always understood that I could wear a jacket underneath a bigger coat, but I've never bought a coat for that purpose. And there have been many times this winter that I've wanted to layer up.

    As always, you look fantastic!

  4. That coat looks absolutely amazing. It's one of those simple things that turn heads. Congrats on rediscovering it!

  5. love this entire ensemble. layering jackets under coats was one of those things that i wondered about, but then i love wearing my leather jacket so much, i end up layering it in lieu of cardigans or sweaters under my coat. wear what you like and how you like it! :)

  6. i figure this out fairly late also but with broader shoulders and disproportionately small everything else, i tend to look sloppy and stuffed. so i have stuck to putting heavier items like a sweater or puffer vest over a slimmer fitting item. same idea, just different application.
    i had a question for you: how many pairs of jeans do you own? any at all? like pret, we all know about your dirty little secret (leather obsession!). just went through my closet and have like 20 pairs of jeans. must...edit.

  7. it looks great and i would've never guessed you could fit another jacket underneath! i also hate not being able to wear blazers in winter, so now i want a too-big coat as well. ~joelle

  8. I wish I could see more details — black is so hard to photograph...

  9. I had those Chanel biker boots and I loved them and hunted them down for so long, but they were too big for me so I sold them thinking I would eventually just buy the right size. Two years later and it still hasn't happened. For some reason the obsession just flared up again recently and I'm (again) dying to find them :(